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Twitter for Musicians

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Twitter for Musicians eBook

“Twitter for Musicians” is now available as an eBook for $10!

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If you’re not using, or haven’t gotten the hang of, Twitter yet, it’s a great social networking tool that enables you to get your point across in 140 characters or less. Twitter is my favorite social network, and I’ve been able to start and build musical relationships via Twitter in less time than it take to send an email.

Did you know that you can use Twitter to:

* Build your fanbase
* Book gigs
* Sell your MP3s
* Meet and communicate with other musicians and music fans
* Get new visitors to your website, MySpace, etc
* Contact music industry professionals
* Learn the latest indie music news and trends
* Get your point across in 140 characters or less!
* and more!

People who are unfamiliar with Twitter often get bored before they see the beauty and opportunity of Twitter. If you’ve given up on your Twitter account, or want to learn how you can use it to build your music business, “Twitter for Musicians” is for you!

Twitter is a fun way to meet and communicate with other music lovers, as well as build a buzz about your music. This eBook will include case studies of twitter musician success stories, and show you how to create your own!

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