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Come to My August Musical Residency at Word Up!

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CLH playing in front of Word Up for Make Music New York 2012

My eagerly-awaited musical residency at Washington Heights’ Word Up Bookstore is here! On July 1st, Word Up’s lease was unexpectedly terminated, and they were given 30 days to pack up. Fortunately, other locations have been presented for the future, and a 30 day extension was granted, so now the gig is back on!

I’m scheduled to play the first four Thursdays of August, and I’m gonna give the last days at this location all I got. I even hired a young, up and coming guitar player, Kevin Frias, so we can do fun and interesting covers, including Jeff Buckley’s “Lover, You Should Have Come Over” and Britney Spears’ “Toxic”. Should be an interesting time. It’s a FREE SHOW. Come on out!

Photo: Jason “Poingly” Glastetter from Washington Heights Free Radio

Carla Lynne Hall at Word Up Books in Washington Heights

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Let’s talk about community and niches for a minute.

As you know, I live in New York City, where there are no lack of musicians and other creative folk. For my latest gig at Word Up, I deliberately chose it because it’s in my hood, Washington Heights.

If you’re a musician in NYC, you know how challenging it can be to get folks to come out to a gig, or to get press when there are so many other things going on on any given night.

BUT, by choosing to gig in my own neighborhood, I not only had a good crowd, I also got press in the Manhattan Times, the local paper for Washington Heights, Harlem, and Inwood. I mean the article was even written in English and Spanish. Even better, the writer Sherry Mazzocchi, did the interview on camera, so there’s a different video version of our time together (check it out below).

When’s the last time I got that from The New York Times? Uh… how bout never? ;-))

So you see, it pays to nurture your neighborhood!

Next CLH Gig: Musical Residency at Word Up Bookstore in Washington Heights NYC!

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I know – it’s been quiet on the musical front for me lately, but I have a slew of gigs coming up. My next performance will be at Washington Heights’ Word Up Community Bookstore on Thursday, May 3rd. What’s even cooler is that I won’t just be performing on that Thursday, but for the next 8 Thursdays after that. In other words, my first MUSICAL RESIDENCY!!!

What’s even cool than that is that I’ll be livestreaming these gigs, and filming the pilot for a new TV Show!! Lots of things cooking over here!

Stay tuned!!

Book cover design by CDS, from Word Up Bookstore’s “Voices: Our Young People Speak” program