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Artists Exposed Celebrates 100th Episode!!!

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My sweetheart roomie Tym Moss hosts the fab Artists Exposed podcast, which celebrates its 100th episode!!

Tym Moss Supa Sta
Tym Moss

Artists Exposed features music and interviews of today’s top and rising stars in the LGBT community.

Tym will be celebrating this wonderful milestone for THREE episodes, and you can check them out on
Tym’s new site (currently under construction) at Artists Exposed

Happy NYC Gay Pride Parade 2010

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In other parts of NYC, my roommate Tym Moss was making things hot during the NYC Gay Pride Parade, on top of the float featuring Metro Bears. Tym probably had a dream or two come true by getting to ride aboard an NYC fire engine. What can I say, the man knows how to get around! 😉


Love the closeup view!


Blizzard 2010 aka Snow Day!

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So today, (Feb 10, 2010) there was a blizzard in NYC (as well as other parts of the Northeast). There was so much snow expected that most schools and some businesses were closed.

My roommate Tym Moss and I both work from home, and Tym came up with the great idea of going to the park to make snow angels. What a great idea!!!