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“Twitter for Artists” Teleseminar with Artist’s EDGE – Oct 20th

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On Tuesday, October 20th, I’m giving my “Twitter for Musicians” workshop again via conference call with Artist’s EDGE’s Debra Russell, who is a Certified Results Coach who specializes in the Arts and Entertainment Industry. As a member of her coaching group, I’m grateful to have access to TONS of her inspiring talks on MP3, which include the topics of Goal Setting, Developing Multiple Streams of Art Income and more! I have downloaded a number of her talks on my iPod, and I listen to them often to keep myself on track.

I’m very honored to be a part of her teleconferences that are available exclusively for her members. If you’d like to hear this call, try out her membership for only $5!


Debra Russell of Artist's EDGE
Debra Russell from Artist’s EDGE

Debra Russell, Speaker, Certified Master Results Business Coach, and Certified NLP and Hypnosis Master Practitioner is the founder of Artist’s EDGE. Specializing in the Music Industry, Arts and Entertainment Industry and Professional Athletes, Debra is guided by your passion as she applies her business knowledge and ability to facilitate transformational change and growth to guide you to success in your chosen field.

For more support, tools and resources, you can sign up for Debra’s Newsletter “Words to the Wise”, get her e-Course “Success Solutions to the Top Ten Obstacles in the Business of Arts and Entertainment” and read her blog at Or follow Debra at

To get more personalized support, you can ask your critical questions and receive specific answers and support through the complimentary monthly call.

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