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Welcome Video for NOMEX Musician’s Roadmap

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This week is the first week of the Nordic Music Export (NOMEX) Musician’s Roadmap Course for Social Media. The countries represented are Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark, and it’s always a pleasure to work with musicians from outside of the US, as I appreciate their perspectives.

Similar to the Music Success in Nine Weeks Mastermind Forum, the Musician’s Roadmap Course is the private online course offered by Ariel Publicity for countries seeking to export their country’s music. As the moderator for this course, I answer questions, handle the day-to-day feedback, share resources, etc.

So this is the course’s Welcome Video with Ariel Hyatt and me. It was actually going fine before I censored myself at the end, but we got a good laugh out of it! 😉

Welcome NOMEX Musicians!