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Band Halloween PSA Video for Twitter

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Yes, it’s almost Halloween, but let’s talk about viral videos for a moment. Singer/songwriter Josh Charles got decked out early in his Tom Burgundy (Anchorman Ron Burgundy’s brother) Halloween costume, and created a video clip. As soon as he was done, he sent the links to all his peeps on Twitter.

I had to marvel of the speed of it all. From the idea, to the execution, to the video being uploaded to YouTube, Josh saw an opportunity and went for it. I believe that it took longer for Josh to stand in line to getinside the costume store than it did for him to make this video. And it won’t take long for this video to make it’s way around the world.

You gotta love that! Josh’s video reminds me of one of my favorite sayings: The universe rewards action!

Josh recently performed during this years CMJ Festival, and his style has been described as “Dr John’s piano playing meets Van Morrison’s vocals”. Learn more about Josh at Josh Charles Music