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Seeking Marrying Lady Couples for My Music Video!

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TerrieLinda 250
Terrie & Linda

In honor of same-sex marriages becoming legal in the state of New York, I’m excited to make a music video for my song “(Beauty) You’re the One for Me”. If you’re planning a wedding, or have footage of your wedding, I would love to include it in my new music video!

This song was originally commissioned for a pair of lady soulmates (outside of NY) who were unable to marry for societal reasons, and the song’s lyrics reflect the sadness and frustration they encountered. Of all the songs that I’ve ever written, “You’re the One for Me” may be one of my most heartfelt. It took me a while to get the song right, but I’m proud of how it came out. Here’s the current version of the song:

You’re the One for Me by Carla Lynne Hall

Now that things have changed in New York, I am excited about rewriting the lyrics to make it the wedding song that I had originally hoped that it would be. And I’d love to have a music video that captures the joy of a wedding. If you’d like your wedding videos included in this music video, please contact me at moxiemaven64 [AT] gmail {DOT} com. Feel free to invite me to your wedding & reception, or submit videos from your wedding. I will have them edited into a tasteful video that we can all be proud of.

Go, New York!

Photo of Linda and Terrie by Fausto Hernandez