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In the Gloaming – The Story

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This version of “In the Gloaming” is performed by The Story, the duo that once included Jonatha Brooke.

Definition of “the gloaming”? The time between sunset and night, not daylight, but not yet dark. Evening, twilight, dusk. One of those haunting times of day when memories haunt you.

In the Gloaming – The Story

While researching this song, I had assumed that it was in the public domain. But on YouTube I learned more backstory on this song, as well as its epilogue:

“The lyricist was a governess. Her lover´╗┐ was the son of the family she worked for. The family forced them apart. She wrote this poem about their parting, and some years later Anne Fortescue Harrison set it to music. When her old flame heard the song, he tracked her down. They married and lived happily ever after. Such was the power of this beautiful song.”

Watch another version at

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