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Never Apologize for Your Passion

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“Well, finally, one day you are over him. They bring out the old pulp tester to see if there’s any life left in the tooth (your old late love affair) and there isn’t . . . . Eventually you will be a bit aghast, maybe even ashamed, that you ever took him so seriously. . . . Him? Why couldn’t you just have enjoyed the sex and headiness of it all without being so federal-case out of your brain about him? You couldn’t. You never can, and you must never apologize to yourself for the man that you’ve given all that passion to. He was the one at the time, and if you cared, you cared. God bless.”

– From Having it All by Helen Gurley Brown, founder and original Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine

I’m not at this place yet, but I like knowing that I will be one day…