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MUSICIANS’ POLL: What’s the State of Your Fanbase?

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concert fans

So this month, I have a brand new poll for you. It’s short and anonymous too! 😉

This time, I’m inquiring about musician fanbases: Are you happy with yours??

Survey Questions:
* How often do you perform live?
* What’s the size of your email list?
* In general, how often do you send a group email (newsletter or blast) to your fanbase?
* Do you use an email management system to send fan newsletters?
* Are you currently using an automated widget online that gives fans a freebie in exchange for an email address?
* Have you posted a music video within the last 12 months?
* What’s your #1 challenge or frustration with your fanbase?


RSLL 006 | Get More Fans with Carla Lynne Hall and Ariel Hyatt

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In today’s Rock Star Life Lessons podcast, Ariel Hyatt and Carla Lynne Hall talk about your three communities of fans. To learn more, check out their new book, Musicians’ Roadmap to Facebook and Twitter.

You can also see the video version of this podcast on Ariel Hyatt’s Sound Advice TV YouTube Channel


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