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Thirty Day Challenge New York City Meetup Photos

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Thirty Day Challenge participants in NYC had a meetup on August 27th at Stitch & Grill.

Stitch NYC Bar & Lounge
Stitch NYC

In addition to meeting other tri-state area 30 Day Challengers, we got to meet Ed Dale himself. In true rock star fashion, he was on a mini meetup tour, hitting LA/San Diego, Atlanta, New York City, and Manchester, England. But for this night, he was living it up in The Big Apple:

Ed Dale & Me
Ed Dale & Carla Lynne Hall

Ed Dale & Andy
Ed Dale & Andy

Yaro, Rene, & Frances at 30 Day Challenge NYC Meetup
Yaro (from Entrepreneur’s Journey), Rene, and Frances

Australian blogger Yaro was also in NYC this week, so he met up with Ed Dale and our group as well.

Ed Dale & Amy Havekost
Ed Dale & Amy Havekost

Taryn & Nicole at 30 Day Challenge NYC Meetup
Taryn & Nicole

If you’d like to see more photos, visit my Flickr page for more photos from the Thirty Day Challenge 2008 New York City Meetup.

It was a great night, and I look forward to future NYC meetups for the 30 Day Challenge!

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Thirty Day Challenge 2008 Wrap Up

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Thirty Day Challenge logo

Last month’s Thirty Day Challenge with Ed Dale and Associates was an awesome online course that taught cutting edge internet marketing techniques to anyone for FREE. Although the Thirty Day Challenge started and ended in real time last month, all of the learning materials are permanently online you can still participate. When you sign up, you’ll get autoresponder emails that start at Day 1 so you can begin the challenge and not miss any of the great info. The Thirty Day Challenge also has a public forum so you can shorten your learning curve by reading posts from recent 30 Day Challenge veterans.

The actual Challenge of this course, by the way, is to build a niche website and earn your first dollar. While I did not earn my first $1 from my niche website yet, I did learn a lot from Ed Dale & Company, and I will be continuing my lessons on my own. Ed’s team taught me that the methods of earning $1 will not differ from earning $1000, so I’m going to keep working on this until I make that dollar.

For one thing, the 30 Day Challenge teaches manual ways of achieving tasks, as well as teaching automated methods using the Market Samurai tool. Now that I’ve taken in all of the lessons the first time through, I’m now going to work the Thirty Day Challenge lessons again, using the awesome and amazing Market Samurai tool.

After further thought, I’ve decided to use my music publicity niche website to document my second round of the Thirty Day Challenge. This way I’ll be able to write about the 30 Day Challenge as a tool for music publicity without it taking over

If you’re a musician interested in participating in the Thirty Day Challenge, stop by my music publicity blog, and say hello!

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