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The New Music Seminar Meets David and Goliath!

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David vs Goliath 400px

Last week I attended New York City’s New Music Seminar, and even wrote a little wrap-up article about it. I called it The New Music Seminar Meets David and Goliath.

The ever-resourceful Greg Rollett has posted it as a guest blog on his Gen-Y Rockstars Blog, and I’m totally excited!

Click to read The New Music Seminar Meets David and Goliath.

Vote for Tone Box Digital in WIRED Magazine’s Small Biz Contest

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Tone Box Digital, the online music label run by Jason Bradford, has made it to the TOP 5 finalists of WIRED Magazine’s Small Business Contest, and I want to help him WIN.


In my opinion Jason’s nomination is awesome for a couple of reasons: A) Tone Box Digital is the only music company listed, and B) Tone Box Digital is the “smallest” company of the five finalists. While it’s an honor for Tone Box to even be nominated, I would like to help him win the whole enchilada. By rallying the die-hard indie music fans, I know we can do this.


1. A win for Tone Box Digital would not just be for him alone, but for any indie artist that dares to go up against a major label artist.

2. Tone Box Digital is a company that helps indie artists market and sell their music, and if he wins, indie artists will also win because it is further proof that indie musicians can make a living from their music.

3. PLUS, it would just be really cool!

I recently interviewed Jason, who’s also a musician, and l was impressed with his mission to empower the artists on his label, Tone Box Digital. If you believe in indie music, please go to’s Small Biz contest page and vote for Tone Box Digital. It only takes a click. Voting ends December 31, 2008 at 12:00am.

ALSO – Jason has also started a group on Facebook for the fans of Tone Box Digital. If 200 voters join his group, he will give away a $30 gift card to a lucky winner!
Says Jason:

Here’s The Deal:
I’ll be selecting one random winner to receive a $30 gift card from Amazon, iTunes or Starbucks– Your Choice!!! All you have to do is tell me where you posted the info! Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, your blog, your website— that’s it! Just pass it on!!!

Use the wall to tell me where you posted it and you are entered to win!!!

If you believe in indie music, vote for Tone Box Digital by December 31st, and help empower indie musicians everywhere!

Tone Box Digital Intro from jason bradford on Vimeo.

To learn more about Jason Bradford and Tone Box Digital, read the Rock Star Life Lessons interview!