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Interview with Cliff Goldmacher, Record Producer

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While reading a recent TAXI music newsletter, I read an interesting music column by Cliff Goldmacher, a successful Nashville & NYC record producer. While I was familiar with Cliff’s production work (thanks to Mary Beth Stone and my other pals in the Nashville Songwriters Association), his column explained how he is able to record Nashville musicians while he is in New York City by using audio streaming software and hardware. This kind of technology blows me away!

While Cliff is a pioneer in virtual recording sessions now, the future recording possibilities for session players are endless. I couldn’t wait to interview him, and find out how he does what he does.

Cliff Goldmacher
Cliff Goldmacher

The Rock Star Life Lessons Interview with Cliff Goldmacher
by Carla Lynne Hall

Rock Star Life Lessons: How do you have recording sessions with “virtual” session players?
Cliff Goldmacher: I’ve equipped both my Nashville and NYC studios with a combination of streaming audio software and hardware so that I’ve essentially turned my studios into internet radio stations. In other words, I can broadcast the session from Nashville (where it’s actually being recorded) to New York where it’s being monitored. I’ve also wired things so that my voice going through a talkback mic in New York feeds into the players/engineer’s headphones in Nashville. In essence, I’m producing from another room but that “other room” is my New York studio 1,200 miles away.

RSLL: Is there a difference in recording quality when the musician is not in the same town?
CG: None whatsoever. I simply bring a great session musician into the studio in Nashville, record them there and monitor from New York, I then transfer the high resolution files back up to New York for mixing.

RSLL: How does a singer or musician get started in virtual session playing?
CG: Well, in my case, I’ve been working with most of these session musicians for years. However, I’m always looking for new players and singers. The way I usually hear of them is from friends of mine that have used them on their own projects. Also, my Nashville engineers are always scouting new talent for me.

As a singer or musician getting started doing session work, I’d suggest working as much as you can for very little or no pay at first. Then, as you get more recognition and get busier you can start charging the going rate for your services. The key is getting your name and good reputation out there.

RSLL: What kind of recording equipment is needed for this type of recording?
CG: The recording equipment is the same. I use ProTools in both my Nashville and NYC studios along with high-quality tube microphones and pre-amps. The difference comes when I transmit the audio from the Nashville session up to my New York studio. For that I’m using a combination of software and hardware that allows me to stream the audio. At this point, I’m under a non-disclosure agreement with the hardware manufacturer as it’s brand new technology but it should be more widely available in the not-too-distant future.


Cliff Goldmacher’s Bio:

Cliff Goldmacher is the owner of recording studios in both Nashville and New York City. A multi-instrumentalist, Cliff has recorded, played on, and produced over fifty independent albums and thousands of demos for most major and independent publishers in Nashville as well as New York.

The songs Cliff has demoed and performed on have ended up on major label album projects, in feature films and on television. Most recently, a song Cliff demoed in his Nashville studio is on Dan Evans’ album “Goin’ All Out” which recently cracked the Top Ten Billboard Country Album Chart.

As a songwriter, Cliff worked on staff for Wrensong Music Publishing in Nashville and is equally adept at creating his own music and lyrics or collaborating with other writers. Cliff’s song “The Light Inside of You” was recorded by the Irish tenor Ronan Tynan on his Universal Records release Ronan and his song “Table for Two” which Cliff also produced, was included in the movie “Trust the Man” starring Julianne Moore and David Duchovny. Cliff’s song “You’re Lyin Through Your Tooth” was recorded by Universal Music Country artist Big Mike Callan.

As a teacher/instructor, Cliff has served as a panelist on engineering for NAMM (National Association of Music Merchandisers) and teaches songwriting demo workshops for BMI, ASCAP, The Songwriter’s Guild of America, The Nashville Songwriter’s Association and Taxi.

Cliff is also a regular contributor to EQ Magazine.