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First Annual CYBER PR 2008 Holiday Fundraiser

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This holiday season I’m participating in the CYBER PR 2008 Holiday Fundraiser by raising money for The Songs of Love Foundation, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing personalized songs for children and teens facing tough medical, physical, and emotional challenges, free of charge.

I am inviting you to make a difference in a child’s life by making a donation towards a personalized song. One thing that I like about this charity is that the recording cost of a child’s personalized song is only $250.00, so it doesn’t cost much to create a special healing gift that will bring a smile to a child’s face.

Songs of Love is a charity that I’ve been involved with personally for a few years now. I started out by contributing donations, and holding fundraisers towards songs, and last year I became a songwriter for them as well. I can’t put into words how it feels to write a song for a child, knowing that the song will provide the “medicine of music”. Over this month, I’ll be featuring Songs of Love songs and videos so you’ll get a taste of why I feel so strongly about this organization.

As a thank you I will send you free goodies as a token of my appreciation:

Donation Levels

Silver Tinsel – $10 – $24
Donate between $10 – $24, and I’ll send you a copy of my Front & Center CD and a signed holiday card.

Sparkly Lights – $25 – $49

Donate between $25 – $49, and I’ll send you a copy of my Front & Center CD, a signed holiday card and homemade holiday ornament.

Shining Star – $50 – $99
Donate between $50 – $99, and you’ll get a copy of Front & Center, Supernova, a signed holiday card, and homemade holiday ornament.

Holiday Angel – $100 – $249

Donate between $100 – $250, and you’ll get Front & Center, Supernova, the soon-to-be-released Dirty5 Live EP, a signed holiday card, and homemade holiday ornament.

Santa’s Helper – $250+
Donate $250 or more, and you’ll get my entire CD catalog, the signed holiday card and ornament, AND your name will also appear on the child’s personalized CD.

Kris/Krista Kringle – $1000+
Donate $1000 or more, and you’ll get all of the Santa’s Helper’s goodies, PLUS a live video of a personalized song written just for YOU.

Songs of Love is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, so your donation is also tax-deductible!

ALSO – If you’d like to contribute as part of a group, let me know. After confirmation, each individual donor will get a Santa’s Helper gift pack!

Simply email me proof of your donation by forwarding your confirmation email or send a screen shot as a proof of your donation to moxiemaven64 [AT] gmail [DOT] com, and I will send you your free gift!

Click here to donate to The Songs of Love Foundation.

For our collective efforts I will be rewarded by Cyber PR, a music PR firm that will send me DVDs, books, and audio courses, to help grow my knowledge of the music business. And as always, I will share what I learn here in this blog at Rock Star Life Lessons.

If I raise $2,500 or more I’ll get a complimentary full Cyber PR campaign that will expose my music to thousands of online resources. If I raise $5,000 or more, Mama’s getting a virtual assistant!

Please click here to donate to Songs of Love and have a happy holiday!

Happy Holidays from Rock Star Life Lessons!

Carla Lynne Hall


Founded by John Beltzer, Songs of Love has given over 17,000 children their very own personalized Song of Love. To celebrate the 10,000th Song of Love, 10 year old Matthew McKinnon’s song was created with the help of 15,000 NY Mets fans at Shea Stadium, led by Sesame Street’s Bob McGrath.

Songs of Love Event at Shea Stadium/2008