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I’m in hustle mode, just like everyone else, and while surfing the blogosphere, I ran across a blog from Chuck Westbrook, who’s doing his part to end the problem of great blogs with few readers.

And what is Chuck’s “Big Idea”?:

1. Gather some nice bloggers who believe in helping good content rise. The more the merrier. This becomes our group for the project.

2. A good, lesser-known blog is chosen. Everyone in the group will read that blog for two weeks.

3. At the end of the two weeks, the group moves to another blog to read.

With scores of bloggers focused on a particular blog, the author should see many nice things happen over those two weeks, especially if the blog really is a hidden gem. This includes discussions, traffic, constructive criticism, encouragement, and connecting to some of the bloggers in the group. That author then joins the group and we move along and do it again.

I like this idea! If you would like to add your blog to Chuck’s list, visit his blog for more info, and sign up for his RSS feed.

See you at the top!