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Day 11 of Band Halloween: Star Wars Halloween Costumes

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Who knew that Star Wars would continue to be popular, inspiring regular band Halloween costumes, in addition to the Star Wars Clones? Day 11 will feature Star Wars band Halloween costume ideas, thanks to Spirit Halloween, one of the sponsors of “The 31 Days of Band Halloween” here at Rock Star Life Lessons.

For guaranteed delivery by Halloween (10/31) orders need to be placed by 12PM noon EST on these dates:

10/20 via Ground Shipping
10/27 via 3 day Shipping (at regular ground rates – express charges waived!)
10/29 via Overnight Shipping

Click below for Band Halloween special:
20% off any one item at Spirit Halloween use code SPAF20P valid through 10/31/08

Spooky Song Set

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Why not add a couple of “scary” songs to your Halloween show set? Below are song suggestions, with links to the chords and lyrics when possible.


I’m Your Boogie Man

Highway to Hell

Monster Mash

Somebody’s Watching Me

Don’t Fear the Reaper

Werewolves of London

Evil Ways


Boogie Nights

Special thanks to Philip Clark for pointing out the obvious 😉

Band Halloween Costume Idea: Luscious Ladybugs!

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Day 7 of “The 31 Days of Band Halloween” is dedicated to my sister Grrl Rockers, bands and musicians!

I don’t know why, but ladybugs have been on my mind lately. Ladybugs are said to be lucky and so is the number 7, so for Day 7’s band Halloween Ladybug costume, I’m going all out!!! While searching for adult ladybug costumes, I found plenty, so for today I’m including them all in today’s blog Halloween post – plus cool accessories! For store info, just click on the link.

Sexy Lady Bug Adult Womens Costume

Sexy Ladybug Costume
Sexy Daisy Bug Halter Adult Costume
Sexy Daisy Bug Halter Adult Costume

Lovely Ladybug
Lovely Ladybug

Playboy Lucky Ladybug Adult Costume

Playboy Lucky Ladybug Adult Costume
(Notice the Playboy model is Holly from E! Channel’s Girls Next Door!)

Now I don’t mean to sound like a mom, but if you’re gonna wear a skirt that short, you might as well wear something cute underneath:

Lace Red Tanga Shorts
Lace Red Tanga Shorts
Lady Bug Thigh High Stockings
Lady Bug Thigh High Stockings

And don’t forget accessories!

Red Metallic Eyelashes

Red Metallic Eyelashes

Ladybug Mary Jane Shoe

Ladybug Mary Jane Shoe

Black Patent Mary Janes
Black Patent Mary Jane Platform Shoes

And if you really want to be a red hot Ladybug Rocker for your band Halloween show, why not go for a candy apple red electric guitar while you’re at it??

Daisy Rock Debutante Heartbreaker Electric Guitar
Daisy Rock Debutante Heartbreaker Electric Guitar

Daisy Rock Rock Candy Guitar
Daisy Rock Rock Candy Guitar

With all of the various ladybug costumes available, members of all-female bands can choose their favorite ladybug style for their band Halloween gig. That would be very cool, and I’d love to see that.

If anyone dresses up as a ladybug for their Halloween gig, please send photos and videos!!!

Band Halloween Special Effects: All Hands on Deck!

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In addition to nail polish, there are other ways to make your hands more ghoulish-looking. If you plan to be a ghost, vampire, werewolf or other creature of the night, fake hands and nails will make your band Halloween costume creepy!

Imagi Vampire Nails
Imagi Vampire Nails
Imagi-Nails Flesh. Incredibly long and durable, each set includes thumb, middle finger, finger and pinkie size. Trim for length and fit. Each kit includes 10 nails, instructions and double stick tape.
Imagi Vampire Nails

press-on claws
Complete your vampire, ghost or ghoul costume with a convincing set of claws. These aren’t your mom’s press on nails – they’re something altogether different and weird! They even glow in the dark!
Press-on Claws

Vampire Finger Extensions

Fake Finger Extensions
Extend your fingers up to 6″ or longer, 10 per pack, just slip on for a realistic horrifying look.
Vampire Finger Extensions

Band Halloween Nail Art

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It’s been said that the Devil is in the details, and if you really want your band Halloween costume to look authentic, Halloween nails are the way to go.

OPI Halloween Nail Kit
OPI Halloween Nail Kit
For guitar players and other musicians needing their nails to play instruments, OPI Nailcolor offers a nail kit including Halloween colors (including “glow in the dark”!) AND Halloween nail decals. You can find OPI in beauty supply and drug stores. Also check out OPI’s website for other locations.

If you’d like to get creative with Halloween nail art, here are some ideas from (click on title for how-tos):

Witch’s Poison

Witch's Potion

Dracula Nail Art
Dracula Nail Art

Skeleton Nail Art
Skeleton nail art

And last but not least, here are some YouTube videos so you can do your own band Halloween nails:

Halloween Nail special: Blood Red Halloween

Crazy Halloween Nails

Shock the Fans at Your Band Halloween Show: Perform Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”

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Here’s an idea: perform Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” for your band Halloween show. Why not?

Michael Jackson Thriller Video72px
Michael Jackson’s Thriller Video

Even if you are not a pop band – especially if you’re not – give your audience a surprise performance of “Thriller” during your band Halloween show, and create a memorable moment from the stage. Here’s some ideas to get you started:

* Don’t try to sound like Michael Jackson. Sound like your band performing “Thriller”. Your fans will love this – trust me!!!

* Play the chorus of “Thriller” in the middle of one of your other songs.

* Include “Thriller” in a medley of other Halloween type pop songs, such as “I’m Your Boogie Man” and “Monster Mash”

* If the stage is big enough, pre-arrange to have a group of zombie fans come up on the stage and perform the zombie dance number from the Thriller video. This will have a great effect if you don’t tell the audience beforehand!

* If the stage is small, have your zombies perform in the audience near the front of the stage. Have them stay as close to the stage as possible so your band doesn’t get upstaged by the dancing zombies 😉

* Be ready for the audience to dance along. You might be surprised how many audience members already know the Thriller dance moves!

This year is the 25th Anniversary of the Michael Jackson horror movie-inspired music video, and you can watch the entire 13 minute Michael Jackson Thriller video at

If you need “Thriller” dance lessons, here are some videos to study and enjoy:

Braddock HS Thriller Dance

Thriller Workshop!!

Thriller Dance Lessons

If these videos aren’t enough, just search for more on YouTube. Some videos are hilarious, and will have you in stitches!

Related link:
Weekend Fun: Thrilla In Manila

Who Will You Be for Your Band Halloween Show?

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Since deciding to focus on band Halloween ideas this month, I’ve been thinking about what my costume will be. With so many great ideas out there, I’m not sure if I’m decided, but for now, I’m thinking about being Tia Dalma from Pirates of Caribbean:

Here is picture of Tia Dalma
Tia Dalma from Pirates of Caribbean

And here’s a picture of a Tia Dalma-inspired pirate costume
Tia Dalma Halloween Costume

Obviously, I’m black and already have natural dreadlocks so I won’t have to darken my face or get a wig like the above example 😉 But notice how creative this costume is!

Feel free to steal this costume idea for your band Halloween show!

Band Halloween Makeup Tips

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Will you need band Halloween makeup tips to become zombies, undead, or just plain scary??

Never fear, Rock Star Life Lessons is here! While surfing YouTube, I found TONS of spooky makeup tips that you can use to kill your band’s Halloween show:

How to do Makeup – Zombie, Undead Corpse Pro Instructional

Girl – Undead

Zombie Makeup Tutorial #1 – Freshly Dead

31 Days of Band Halloween!

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Is it October already? Since many bands like to go all out for Halloween, Rock Star Life Lessons will be celebrating The 31 Days of Band Halloween.

For the month of October, I’m going to feature ideas for Halloween costumes, wigs, stage props, makeup how-tos, and other Halloween treats for your Halloween gig.

I’ll also be featuring Halloween performance videos and photos from bands, so send yours in!

To kick off the 31 Days of Band Halloween in style, here’s a live Halloween show video of “Dead” by Chemical Romance.

If you’d like to copy this band Halloween style, notice the simplicity of the costume: matching military jackets and black pants. Each band member’s face is made up as a skull, and that’s it.

Simple, yet effective. Check out My Chemical Romance’s Halloween performance of “Dead” below:

Thank you for making Rock Star Life Lessons your Band Halloween Headquarters!