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RSLL 017 | Record Keeping for Musicians with “The Singing CPA”

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Today’s podcast is a timely one. It’s my interview with Steven Zelin, aka “The Singing CPA” on the topic of “Record Keeping for Musicians”. Taxes, like death, is inevitable, and if you are a working musician, you must also file taxes on your musical income.

Steven Zelin is a CPA with a love of music and comedy, and has written songs such as “Dear IRS” and “If You Don’t Like Paying Taxes (Clap Your Hands)”. And for the past few years, he has a standing April 15th Tax Day gig performing at the main post office in NYC. So when the idea to write about this topic came up, he was the first person who came to mind. And when you think about it, he has one heck of a niche!

Steven shares a lot of great info on how musicians can keep better records to prepare for tax day. So tune in!

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About Steven Zelin, “The Singing CPA”
Steven Zelin writes and performs funny songs about accounting, taxes and business for all occasions, drawing from his professional background as a certified public accountant. He specializes in accounting industry events, accounting conferences, company parties, and private parties. He has been the featured entertainment at the New York State Society of CPA’s annual conference and the Business Professional of America National Leadership conference, and he regularly performs at comedy clubs and corporate events in the New York City area. Visit his website at