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Jumpstart Bonus Pack

Thank you for signing up for the “Jumpstart Your Fanbase” Online Course which starts on Monday, November 12th

Below are your Fast Action Bonuses. I’l send you a separate email to set up your 20 minute consultation with me.

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The 5 C’s to the New Music Biz
(Click Link to listen to, or download the recording)

“The 1st C of The New Music Biz: CREATE”

“The 2nd C of The New Music Biz: COMPEL” (Listen to Part 2)

“The 3rd C of The New Music Biz: CAPTURE”

“The 4th C of The New Music Biz: CONNECT”

“The 5th C of The New Music Biz: CASH”

Jumpstart Your Fanbase Teleclass Series

“How to Build Your Fanbase Quickly”

“Design Your Ideal Music Career”

“Fan-Building Techniques and Success Stories”

“Find Your Tribes”

Wed, Oct 17th: “Internet Famous”

Thu, Oct 18th: “Online Music Entrepreneur”

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Music Marketing Machine by Carla Lynne Hall

“Set the Stage for Music Business Success” – Presentation Slides from the SELL YOUR MUSIC! Workshop Series by Carla Lynne Hall

Musicians’ Roadmap to Facebook and Twitter by Ariel Hyatt and Carla Lynne Hall (Sample Chapter)

Ariel Hyatt is the founder of Ariel Publicity, a social media PR firm based in New York. Her Cyber PR® Campaigns place musicians on blogs, podcasts, and internet radio stations, and coach them to create authentic relationships with fans. Visit her site at:

Multiple Streams of Music Income MP3 by Debra Russell

Debra Russell, founder of Artist’s EDGE, combines her two passions– the world of entertainment with facilitating growth and change in people’s lives. As a Certified Business Coach and workshop leader, “Coach Debra” works with creative individuals, groups and organizations to help shape their success in their chosen field. Visit her site at

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