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Welcome, Internet for Artists! Charlotte, NC Edition

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Carla giving the “Practical Toolbox” lecture in Charlotte, NC

Hello IFA Participants (and anyone else visiting my blog)! This weekend (May 18-20, 2012) we’re in Charlotte, NC!

RSLL 023 | Interview with Cari Cole, Vocal Coach and Artist Development Expert

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Cari Cole Photo 2011

Today’s podcast happens to be one of my new favorite interviews. It’s with Cari Cole, vocal coach and artist development coach extraordinaire. I started hearing about Cari Cole about a year ago, via friends on Twitter and other social media channels. I finally visited her blog, and learned that she’s been around for a while, and was now taking her studio online. I found that she has a lot of the same interests and goals that I do – to help other musicians thrive.

After tweeting about her a few times, Sound Editor Chris Wright suggested that I interview her for the Rock Star Life Lessons podcast. I did last week, and we had the best chat! I felt that Cari and I share the same philosophy about many things, and that we’ve read many of the same books. From her warmth and generosity, I know that she would be a special addition to any musician’s success team.

About: Cari Cole is a Celebrity Vocal Coach, Artist Development Expert, and Music Biz Coach. She has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment business. From Grammy winners and American Idol finalists to rock star legends and emerging artists, Cari’s formula works.

PLUS Cari and I hit it off so well that she even offered a special discount for her 10 week Fast Forward to Fame Group Coaching Program. This special price expires tonight (May 7th) at midnight. To get more details, please visit

You can also check out her four-part Making Money Making Music Success video series:

Click to hear to the podcast:

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Internet Famous: How to Become an Online Celebrity

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As Seen On the Internet

Ever want to be a celebrity for fun, or profit?

Creating an online persona can bring you and your work the visibility that you need to promote your products and services.

Tuesday, May 22nd from 7-9 pm, is my debut of “Internet Famous: How to Become an Online Celebrity” as an evening workshop in New York City.

In “Internet Famous: How to Become an Online Celebrity”, You will learn how to:

* Create Your Own LEGEND

* Develop STORYLINES to position your expertise


* Create a online VEHICLE to SHOWCASE your talent

* OPTIMIZE Your Website(s) for Search Engines (SEO)

This class will teach you how to use social media, internet marketing techniques, and a bit or psychology to promote yourself, and your products and services. In addition, we’ll share case studies from online celebrities to show you how they did it, and inspire your own journey towards internet fame.

Check out the class page for “Internet Famous: How to Become an Online Celebrity”

Carla Lynne Hall at Word Up Books in Washington Heights

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Let’s talk about community and niches for a minute.

As you know, I live in New York City, where there are no lack of musicians and other creative folk. For my latest gig at Word Up, I deliberately chose it because it’s in my hood, Washington Heights.

If you’re a musician in NYC, you know how challenging it can be to get folks to come out to a gig, or to get press when there are so many other things going on on any given night.

BUT, by choosing to gig in my own neighborhood, I not only had a good crowd, I also got press in the Manhattan Times, the local paper for Washington Heights, Harlem, and Inwood. I mean the article was even written in English and Spanish. Even better, the writer Sherry Mazzocchi, did the interview on camera, so there’s a different video version of our time together (check it out below).

When’s the last time I got that from The New York Times? Uh… how bout never? ;-))

So you see, it pays to nurture your neighborhood!