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Take the First SELL YOUR MUSIC Workshop for $40. Take the Rest for $60!

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Thursday, Jan 12th (tomorrow!) marks the launch of my SELL YOUR MUSIC! Workshop Series in NYC with “Setting the Stage for Music Success”.

AND I’m offering a special deal: Sign up for tomorrow’s “Setting the Stage for Music Success” for the regular price of $40. And if you like the first class, you can purchase the remaining classes for $60, so you still get the 4 workshops for $100 special!

Tomorrow’s class lays the foundation for a successful music career, and I’ll be sharing the strategies used by independent musicians who are making a living from their music. Because this session covers the necessary “nuts and bolts”, I consider it the most important workshop of the series.

While I also consider the fan-building, music marketing, and money-making sessions important, in my opinion, everything builds upon the foundation principles covered in the first session, including:

• How to Create Your VISION of Music Success




• How to Create a Successful Artist MINDSET

Hope to see you at tomorrow’s class!


RSLL 004 | Interview with Dale Adams on Mobile Marketing for Musicians

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This week’s Rock Star Life Lessons podcast features Dale Adams, owner and operator of Architek One, a music management and marketing company based in Atlanta.

During our chat, Dale and I discuss the possibilities for music marketing using mobile devices, which kinda blew my mind at the time (when I still had a regular cell phone).

Since this 2010 interview, Apple’s iPad (and other mobile tablets) has become popular for multiple uses, I finally upgraded to an Android Smartphone, and I always think back to this conversation with Dale, as his predictions came true. Tune into this interview for some mobile music marketing inspiration!

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Dale Adams
About Dale Adams:

Dale Adams is the owner and operator of Architek One, a music management and marketing company based in Atlanta. Dale’s passion for music exceeds the normal person’s drive to push bands to their maximum potential. With his strong business mind, and keen ear as a music engineer, and his strong knowledge of the benefits that the social media scene is incurring to artists, he is bound to develop the next big thing.