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My “4 C’s of Growing a Business” on Today’s Joyce Barrie & Friends Internet Radio Show

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If you’ve already heard me talk about my “4 C’s of the New Music Biz”, you may have noticed that this framework could apply to any entrepreneurial venture, so for this morning’s appearance on The Joyce Barrie & Friends Show, I’ve modified it as “The 4 C’s of Growing a Business: Create, Capture, Connect, and Cash”. If you’re a musician ready to treat your music as a business, I recommend that you check it out!

Tune in at where you can also log into the live chat room.

About Joyce Barrie & Friends:
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So HOW Hot Is It in NYC This Week??

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It’s been a week of high 90’s in NYC. Yesterday it reached 99 degrees. Today’s heat index says it will feel like 110 – yikes! I’ve been hanging out a lot in the public library myself.

What are you doing to stay cool this summer?

Seeking Marrying Lady Couples for My Music Video!

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TerrieLinda 250
Terrie & Linda

In honor of same-sex marriages becoming legal in the state of New York, I’m excited to make a music video for my song “(Beauty) You’re the One for Me”. If you’re planning a wedding, or have footage of your wedding, I would love to include it in my new music video!

This song was originally commissioned for a pair of lady soulmates (outside of NY) who were unable to marry for societal reasons, and the song’s lyrics reflect the sadness and frustration they encountered. Of all the songs that I’ve ever written, “You’re the One for Me” may be one of my most heartfelt. It took me a while to get the song right, but I’m proud of how it came out. Here’s the current version of the song:

You’re the One for Me by Carla Lynne Hall

Now that things have changed in New York, I am excited about rewriting the lyrics to make it the wedding song that I had originally hoped that it would be. And I’d love to have a music video that captures the joy of a wedding. If you’d like your wedding videos included in this music video, please contact me at moxiemaven64 [AT] gmail {DOT} com. Feel free to invite me to your wedding & reception, or submit videos from your wedding. I will have them edited into a tasteful video that we can all be proud of.

Go, New York!

Photo of Linda and Terrie by Fausto Hernandez

Introducing Summer Business School!

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For the past two months, I have been steadily working on a new venture, Summer Business School

Summer Business School is an 8-week online marketing course created to teach entrepreneurs and small business owners how to market their business online.

As it’s Summertime, this course offers convenient course modules, available in audio, video, and written form, so you can take the lessons with you on your smartphone or iPod. There will be a weekly group call, which will be recorded and available as an mp3 replay. There is also an online forum so participants can get direct help from me, as well as other coursemates. There is power in community, and we will BRING IT!

The promotional website at is what’s called a “Product Launch” site, which will feature a series of free tutorial videos offering strategies that you can use in your business right now. The “cutting edge” technology involved in building this site has enabled many online marketers to automate building their list, and selling products, and I’m excited to be using it to launch this online course.

As announced in the first tutorial video, I’m holding a video contest for a consultation package. Online video is a great way to bring exposure for your business, so I’m daring you all to make one!

50 spots in Summer Business School will be available for sale during the “launch period” of July 20-27th only, but in the meantime check out the video tutorials at If you like these fun videos, you’ll LOVE the course!!

Santa Drinks Pepsi On Vacation

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I love this Pepsi commercial. Who knew that Santa could be so gangsta on vacation???