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WIBO Week 16: Personal Finance

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So I’m finally completing my final WIBO blog post for Week 16 on Personal Finance – only 5 months late! 😉

While a participant of WIBO’s “Start a Growing, Profitable Business” Workshop at the South Bronx location, I was recruited to become a WIBO workshop leader and began training (hmm, I’m starting to see a trend here…), so the first time I “took” WIBO’s Week 16, it was actually my debut as a WIBO Course Leader, so I actually led that class. For this go ’round of Week 16, I was again a WIBO Course Leader at the Washington Heights location, but since I was a Co-Leader with Larry Feldman, I had another opportunity to study this lesson.

As Week 16 is about personal finance, we learned how personal finances affect our businesses. We discussed financial management “best practices”, and learned the formula for determining net worth:


Our visiting Discussion Leader was a NY Life Insurance Broker who didn’t believe in budgets. Okay, he didn’t say that exactly, but he did say that it’s nearly impossible for people to stick with an ambitious budget that affects their lifestyle. Instead, he recommends that you decide on a set amount for your savings or investment plan, pay yourself first each month, and then move on with your life!

And now that I’ve finally posted this Week 16 blog post, I can move on with this blog – haha! See you at the WIBO Graduation on June 13th!!!

The Spring 2011 Washington Heights WIBO Class!

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I’m on the Joyce Barrie & Friends Podcast Today at 11am!

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On today’s Joyce Barrie & Friends show at 11am, I’ll be speaking on “Secrets of Online Marketing” – And I’ll be talking about my new entrepreneurial venture, Summer Business School

Tune in at where you can also log into the live chat room.

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