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WIBO Week 11 ~ Investing in People: Human Resources

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One of the lessons that keeps coming up for me is that I cannot do it all myself. In order for my business to grow, I need to replace myself so more work can be done, and more money can be made.

As resistant as I am to getting help, I finally understand that this is a necessary investment that will free me up to do other things.

During the breakeven analysis coaching, the video producer in my group taught me an important tip: In video production, you’re only as fast as your Grip (the person or people that move the gear from one location to another). In post-production, you’re only as fast as your video editor. If I’m doing all of these things myself, it takes longer to get them done. As I’m still editing my Music Success and Taxi videos, I’m painfully aware of this truth.

So if you know any video editors, please send them my way! 😉

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