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The New Music Seminar Meets David and Goliath!

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David vs Goliath 400px

Last week I attended New York City’s New Music Seminar, and even wrote a little wrap-up article about it. I called it The New Music Seminar Meets David and Goliath.

The ever-resourceful Greg Rollett has posted it as a guest blog on his Gen-Y Rockstars Blog, and I’m totally excited!

Click to read The New Music Seminar Meets David and Goliath.

Rock Star Life Lessons is Expanding!!!

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big man tight shirt

As some of you know, for the past few months, I’ve been focusing on my music marketing consulting business. After much thought, I realized that I have two audiences: friends and fans who like my music, but who aren’t necessarily interested in music marketing info, and musicians who enjoy my workshops and articles, but aren’t necessarily my music fans. I’ve finally made peace with this 😉

Tooth and nail, I had been resisting the part of me that is, in fact, a teacher (“I don’t see Beyonce teaching music marketing!”). But teaching runs in my family; it’s in my blood, and I’m damned good at it. So for my clients and musicians who enjoy my music business writings, Rock Star Life Lessons will soon become my second newsletter. This will also enable me to keep both audiences happy, which makes me happy!

I’ve also started working on my first Rock Star Life Lessons (RSLL) podcast, which will be available on iTunes in the fall. The first episode will feature my interview with the fabulous Mary J. Blige, and I can’t wait for you to hear it. I’m also working on a Rock Star Life Lessons Online TV Series, and other cool projects that you’ll be hearing more about in the upcoming months, so stay tuned!

But don’t worry, I’m still making music, and I have a bunch of gigs coming up starting next month. I just needed to get my house in order!!!

Soulflower Summer Sale!

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Perhaps I’m a little nutty from the heat (okay, I’m nutty all year round!) but I’ve decided to offer a special summer sale of my very first CD, Front & Center. Many of you know, or already own, my Soulflower CD, but you may not have even heard of Front & Center, which I’m selling this month only for $7.

RSLL-frontcenter cover

Front & Center is the live CD that I recorded live in NYC from 1995-1999.
At the time, I had just moved to New York City, and had no recording studio budget. So I recorded almost every live show I did, and created a CD from my favorite cuts. Because of my unauthorized rendition of Jimi Hendrix’ “Little Wing”, I was previously forbidden to sell the CD on iTunes. Thankfully, I’ve since worked things out with the Hendrix Estate, but before I re-release this last batch of CDs, I’d like to offer it to my Rock Star Life Lessons readers for the special price of $7!

To make things even more intriguing, if you buy Front & Center, I’ll also add my unreleased live EP, Dirty5, for no charge! Dirty5 is another live CD of mine, slightly naughty in nature, once even referred to as “A one night stand with music”. I don’t know about all that, but it was a lovely gig recorded during the last days of NYC’s CBGB’s Gallery – it was springtime, and I was feeling free!

RSLL-dirty5 cover

Anyway, if you’re interested in this special offer, you can take advantage of my
Soulflower Summer Sale via PayPal. This price also includes shipping and handling! And if you want one or both CDs autographed, just let me know in the “special instructions” section of PayPal’s order form.

I only have a batch of Front & Center CDs left, so get ’em while we’re all hot! 😉

Music Success in Nine Weeks by Ariel Hyatt – Week 1

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My friend Ariel Hyatt has launched the 2nd edition of her Music Success in Nine Weeks book! To celebrate, she’s starting a new Blogging Challenge today, July 5th, which ends September 6th.

Although I’m one of the contest judges, I still couldn’t help creating my own blog for my upcoming Rock Star Life Lessons internet TV show! Music Success in Nine Weeks is an invaluable guide for any musician wanting to learn about social media, and I highly recommend it!

Check out Music Success in Nine Weeks by Ariel Hyatt

Jeffrey Paul Bobrick Performs at 2010 Michael Jackson Tribute

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since Michael Jackson’s death.

This year, there are many tributes celebrating the life and music of “The King of Pop”, and Jeffrey Paul Bobrick, my friend and fellow musician was invited back by Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network to once again share his song with MJ fans.

Jeffrey, a long-time Michael Jackson fan, performed his original song “Michael (The One and Only” at a Memorial Service at the Harlem State Office Building on Friday, June 25th, 2010. Check out the video below.