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Happy Birthday, Ariel Hyatt!!

Posted in A Day in the Life, Future Legends | 2 Comments »

Ariel Hyatt, Music Publicist extraordinaire, is celebrating her birthday this year in Australia, half the world away from her NYC friends. At this moment, it’s June 19th today in NYC, but it’s already June 20th over there, which is her actual birthday. During a recent conversation we had, she mentioned that she had only just heard about Stevie Wonder’s classic birthday song, sometimes referred to as “The Black Happy Birthday Song”.

As folks know, black people often prefer a soulful rendition of any song, so this blog post is lovingly dedicated to Ariel!

Here’s the traditional Birthday song, sung at Ariel’s early birthday BBQ:

Here’s the funky Stevie Wonder version of Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Ariel! Smooches!