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I Won a Motorola Droid Phone!!!!!!

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Last month, the day after Mother’s Day, Motorola sponsored a Mother’s Day photo contest. They asked folks to send in photos of themselves and their mom, and the winner would receive free Motorola Android phones for themselves AND their mom.

I distinctly remember thinking at the time that I had a whole bunch of other things I needed to do, but I had a pic of my mom and me that I absolutely love. So I stopped everything else I was doing, went searching around in one of my boxes, found it, scanned it, uploaded it to Tweetphoto, and tweeted it to @MotoMobile (Motorola’s twitter name)

Mom and Me
“I Only Have Eyes For You”

In this pic, my mom and I are sitting at a banquet table during my stepfather’s family reunion during the summer of 1985. We were visiting Houston, TX. My stepfather was a photographer, and he happened to catch this moment. I can’t recall what my mom said to me here, but she always had a knack for making me laugh. I love this photo because in the middle of a crowded room, surrounded by mostly strangers, my mom and I had a special little moment.

Because the photo is quite “busy”, I had no expectations of winning, but I still loved that little photo. When I saw the other contest entries, I noticed that all of the other photos were people standing next to their mothers. Mine was filled with all kinds of activity, but we were the only ones looking directly at each other. It’s very cool that the contest judges agreed that it’s a special photo, and I’m so glad I sent it in.

Considering that I’m a social media fool, I’m excited about having a smart phone to easily share pics, messages, etc while I’m on the go. If you want to see just how excited I am, check out the video below 😉

Thank you, Motorola! Thank you, Mom!!!

Guguchu is Giving Away a Free iPad for Best Band Page!!

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Guguchu contest banner

My friends at Guguchu have created some sweet music promotion tools, and this month they’re sponsoring a contest to win a FREE iPad and StudioTrack 8-track audio recording app for creating the best band page!!

This contest for the best band page will run for the full month of June 2010 on the Contests tab of the Guguchu Facebook page. Submit your band page and win an iPad that also works as your recording studio, and other prizes!

Guguchu Band Page

Guguchu is on a mission to provide the best online tools for bands and their managers for gig booking, fan development, communication, promotion, distribution, and more. They provide easy-to-use web apps for gig booking, fan development, communication, promotion, distribution, and more.

For more info on Guguchu’s tools for world domination via your music, visit Guguchu’s website or the Guguchu blog.

What Guguchu does for you from Bernd Strenitz on Vimeo.