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Free Music Marketing Webinar ~ Wed, June 3rd at 7pm EST

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Light Bulb Idea

While Kavit Haria and I been enjoying hosting Musicians Lunch events around the globe, there are a number of musicians who have expressed an interest in learning about music marketing and promotion, but haven’t been able to attend a Musicians Lunch in their local area.

To give you a taste of what Kavit and I offer during Musicians Lunch, we are offering a free webinar next Wednesday, June 3rd at 7pm EST. For a whole hour, we’ll share some of the latest trends and ideas in music marketing and music promotion. If you want to get your music noticed online, on radio and in print, you’ll want to tune in.

There will be only 100 spaces available and we have a large number of people interested in this webinar so please be sure to register as soon as possible! Feel free to share the webinar link with whomever you like, but after 100 folks register, the virtual doors to this webinar will be closed. If you aren’t able to attend, you can still sign up to get access to the recording!

Sign up for this music marketing webinar at:

Musicians Lunch New Orleans Wrap Up

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dirty_dozen 350px

Last weekend’s Musicians Lunch in New Orleans, LA was a blast!!!

For this Musicians Lunch, I had the opportunity to brainstorm with the folks from Artists House for some new marketing solutions for their organization. Afterwards, I was buzzed for the rest of the night. I had a revelation on why I enjoy these lunches so much: I love to inspire and empower people to reach their dreams. There’s nothing like brainstorming ideas for another musician when you see them have that “Light Bulb Moment” when they get a creative fire lit under them. Next to singing and performing, inspiring people is another one of my passions.

While I was in town, I also participated in a live broadcast stream on the Artists House channel with founder John Snyder and their #1 Guy, Andrew Goodrich. They even had me perform a couple of songs, which was pretty cool, I must say. We chatted on air for about an hour and a half, while there was also an interesting chat going on simultaneously with the viewers. Wait til you see the clips!

Band Photo: New Orleans’ Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Musicians Lunch New Orleans ~ Saturday, May 23rd 1-3pm

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New Orleans: Let the Good Times Roll

I am so excited about returning to New Orleans, LA (aka NOLA) this weekend to host Musicians Lunch New Orleans on Saturday, May 23rd from 1-3pm. I have NO idea where the group will be eating yet, because there are sooooo many choices. Feel free to leave me some suggestions below in the comments section.

When I was a Studio Jazz and Vocal Major at the University of Miami (UM), I took a jazz history class that changed my life. I loved the class, the teacher, everything, and I found myself fascinated with the city of New Orleans, LA, which is the birthplace of jazz. I made plans to visit New Orleans for that next spring break, and to even perform while I was there. I had never done anything like that before, and I’ll admit now to being terrified and lonely at times, but I made that solo trip. I put together a band, performed in New Orleans, and proved to myself that I could do it. After that spring break, I returned to live there for the summer, and I go back every so often to get an infusion of this town filled with magic, music, and food.

New Orleans is my musical hometown, and every time I return I feel like I come full circle. As much as I love New Orleans, and how often I’ve visited it in the past, this will be my first time visiting since Hurricane Katrina devastated my beloved second home. I’d been afraid to go back, to see the damage, to face the loss…But now’s the time that I’m finally ready to go back, and I’m very happy to be able to give back to a place that has given so much to me.

There’s no place like New Orleans, LA, and if you’re a musician who lives there, let’s hang out and eat!

Brought to you by Musicians Lunch New Orleans, Saturday, May 23rd; 1-3pm

The Lost Indie Music Interviews Are Coming!

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Indie Music Interviews are Coming!

At the end of last year, I interviewed a boatload of indie music artists and music biz experts, but I had been unable to blog them all before now.

Stay tuned to Rock Star Life Lessons as I’ll be sharing tips and lessons from indie music luminaries such as Ariel Hyatt, Matthew Ebel, Natalie Gelman, and more!

Brought to you by Musicians Lunch New Orleans: Saturday, May 23rd 1-3pm.

Musicians Lunch NYC ~ Saturday, May 9th at 1pm

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Eating Lunch
Lunch & Learn

Musicians Lunch NYC is back, and scheduled for this Saturday, May 9th at 1pm!

Musician’s Lunch is a luncheon event to bring together musicians who are interested in learning about the latest trends in music marketing and ideas for promotion over a meal.
The cost is $25 in NYC, and you pay for your own lunch. In addition to the fun we’ll be having, each lunch attendee in NYC will also get a free music marketing strategy guide! If you have your heart set on sitting next next to me, that spot goes to the first musician who offers to buy my lunch!

I love talking about music, I love breaking down marketing strategies, and I love eating out. This project is right up my alley, and I plan to do as many musician lunches as I can fit in this year. If you don’t live in NYC or London, and you’re interested in participating, leave me a comment below, and we’ll see if we can find a way to visit your town. After this, I’ll be heading next to New Orleans for a Musicians Lunch on May 23rd!

If you’re interested in learning the latest music marketing techniques successful musicians use to build a buzz, grow their audience, and sell more CDs, visit Musician’s Lunch!

Click here to book your seat via PayPal

Blame It On The Alcohol – Jamie Foxx – Performed by JR Aquino

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I just returned from awesome homecoming trip of Miami and West Palm Beach, FL to see my family and friends. While driving around in my rental car, I listened to a lot of radio, and despite my better judgement, I fell in love with Jamie Foxx’ “Blame it on the Alcohol”. Although I hate the idea of blaming (or justifying!) a one night stand on alcohol, the groove of this song cannot be denied.

I had the idea of creating parody lyrics, and while googling the original lyrics, I actually found guitar chords for the song. After digging a little deeper, I learned that another guy had an acoustic performance video of Blame it on the Alcohol” on YouTube. This musician is a soulful singer/songwriter named JR Aquino, and he’s from Anchorage, Alaska! I thought that that was pretty cool because while I may never get to Anchorage, I can always get to YouTube, so JR is very smart to leverage the power of the internet. Plus, now I can share him with YOU! Enjoy!

If you want to take a stab at this song yourself, you can also find the lyrics and chords here.

PS – If you’re gonna do anything questionable in life, never blame it on the alcohol, okay? Just own up to it, and move on! 😉