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New Moon in Capricorn, or Inspiration is Everywhere

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Walk the Line DVD Cover 350

Tonight I watched Walk the Line…again. I own the DVD, and I love watching it. The more times I see it, the more details I catch. In this biopic about Johnny Cash, there are so many sounds and experiences that inspired his sound. From the rhythm of the shoeshine boy, to the Heavenly Highway Hymns that he grew up singing with his mother in the cotton fields, Johnny Cash was a musical sponge.

It’s funny in a way that I even watched this movie tonight, as I should have been sleeping anyway. Earlier this evening I attended a woman’s circle to celebrate the upcoming New Year, and felt grounded after setting my intentions in a public, yet sacred setting. As a Capricorn myself, I’m also looking forward to my birthday on January 10th, and I wanted to mark this particular New Moon as the occasion I’ve chosen to shift my life into the direction that I want it to go. Not the direction that others may have wished for me, but that is okay.

This has been a wonderful and powerful year, in which my greatest accomplishments took place on the Inside: I am conscious of my connection with The Creator, and I’ve watched this blog grow, and take on a life of its own. I’ve learned about internet marketing, social media networking, and search engine optimization. I’ve coached other musicians to help them find their direction, in turn, finding my own. For most of the year, I’ve been in hermit mode, totally focused on the inner world, and even missing days here and there (this has been a particular blessing!).

I’ve purposefully fallen off of people’s radars, and I’ve made peace with that. I’ve released major relationships this year, and become selfish for a change. It’s funny how the decision to be true to yourself can feel threatening to others. But this year has been incredibly amazing in its lessons, and I have a feeling that I won’t understand the consequences right away. I’ve planted many seeds, and taken the time to nurture myself. This was not easy, but needed. In the end, nurturing myself and my spirit has been highly satisfying.

This holiday season has been, at times, particularly snarky, uncomfortable, and confronting. Other times, it has been joyful, heartwarming, and uplifting. Even though I’m still “going through it”, I am going through it, and I can finally see the light in the distant future. That feels good. As my choir director likes to say, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will NOT build a condo there!” Similar to the recent Winter Solstice, I feel that my longest nights are getting shorter, and I understand that my Spring will eventually arrive. Not necessarily when the calendar says it’s Spring, but when my soul says that it’s Spring. And because I am an optimist through and through, I also acknowledge that that could happen as early as next month 😉

So now that I am in this current spiritual/emotional/mental state, I am ready to create again. I am ready to start over, even from scratch. I am ready to make music. While watching Johnny Cash tonight, I couldn’t help but think of something Artist’s House’s Andrew Goodrich wrote to me. When I was feeling ornery earlier this week, he sent me a Twitter message, something to the effect of: “Just remember that inspiration is everywhere. Inspiration is anywhere.” Wow. Who says that Twitter isn’t profound?

Even though I wasn’t ready for Andrew’s message at the time, I did spend the last few days reviewing Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, and taking myself on Artist’s Dates. Artist’s Dates are blocks of time in which you refill your creative well by going to movies, museums, etc alone, to prime the pump, so to speak. I reread my copies of The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp, and Zen Guitar by Philip Toshio Sudo. I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Museum, and checked out their Gothic and Seduction exhibits, which wasn’t even my thing, but in retrospect I’m glad I went. I put on my coat, and got out of the house for a change. Left my home, and experienced something different – someone else’s creative ideas. Even if the exhibit’s creepy vampire style didn’t inspire a new song, the next morning, I woke at 6am and completed the writing for my new newsletter. What an awesome feeling that is! I was on a natural high for the rest of the day.

I haven’t had a decent wireless internet connection in the past few days, which also led to my unplugging for a few days – always a good thing. Robert Scoble just received a FriendFeed Intervention from TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington, and I’m conscious enough to see the parallels to my own life. Time to get back to the work. Now that I’ve had my own time away from the internet, I’m excited about refocusing on music. A single woman with a guitar and lots of time on her hands can do a lot of damage.

For me, to go back to my guitar, with total Beginner’s Mind, and just make music, is what 2009 is all about.