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Good Morning: If You Could Eat Music, You’d Want This CD for Breakfast

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Joy Ike

Joy Ike, one of Pittsbugh’s hardest working singer/songwriters has released her new CD, Good Morning.

Marked by as “one of the artists who will ultimately be responsible for placing Pittsburgh’s music scene firmly on the map,” Ike’s music has been compared to the likes of Corinne Bailey Rae, Norah Jones, Fiona Apple…and every once in a while she’ll get a random “Bjork” (just not as weird). Good Morning is a beautiful mix of soul, pop, and jazz that sucks in both indie lovers and individuals who appreciate more traditional music.

To give her a listen, head to She’s giving away a FREE download of her song “Strongman”. You can also find plenty of other information at

Eat it up ya’ll!

Should You Use Auto Friend Adders in MySpace, et al?

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In the world of social media, I understand that everyone wants to have a lot of “friends”. This has opened up a new world for software development that has the ability to add friends for you, and send messages to your friends without you having to do too much.

I admit, I even bought a friend adder product myself a few years ago. I knew of other musicians using it, and I was jealous of their friend numbers. But I just couldn’t bring myself to install it. My conscience wouldn’t let me, and it wasn’t just because auto friend adders are against the “Terms of Service” of most social media websites. In my opinion, using auto friend adders is basically gaming your friend numbers, and it just doesn’t feel kosher to me.

I know that everyone has other things they need to do with their time, like write songs and rehearse, but I believe that building your friend lists should be organic – like the way you make friends in real life.

My friend Carmelina uses MySpace as her main social media website, and she has amassed over 16,000 friends, and over 270,000 plays of her song “Mueve Las Caderas” (Move Your Hips) the old fashioned way. She has a full-time job, and plenty other things going on in her life, but she swears that she only dedicates an hour a day to making new friends, and connecting with old ones. Consistency and time management are her methods of choice, and they seem to be working. (By the way, I sing backup vocals in “Mueve Las Caderas”, which you can listen to here)

That’s just my two pennies, which was inspired by a great blog post by Andrew Dubber at New Music Strategies that gives his two pennies. Check out his blog here and don’t be afraid to chime in with your own opinion on this debate.

New CD Release from Siji – Adesiji

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A few years ago, my ASCAP membership rep (Bill Brown) introduced me to a British songwriter, Siji (pronounced shee-gee), whose talent was only exceeded by his cool vibe. He’s released a new CD, and here’s the info from his press release:

Artist: SIJI
Label: IVY Records
Release date: September ‘08

After a migratory existence; living in Baltimore, Lagos, London, New York and more recently San Francisco, British born Singer, songwriter and producer, Siji has emerged bearded and now based back in New York, and in contrast to his newly acquired American permanent residency, with his most African inspired record to date. 

The album, ‘ADESIJI’, which features collaborations with noted DJ/Producer(s) King Britt and Rich Medina, is currently scheduled for release in September 2008.  The experience of recording his sophomore album puts Siji on a more mature plane in terms of sound, with layers like a full rhythm and horn section recorded in Chicago and what Siji refers to as “more attention to the‘African’.” The overall sound of the record is still a mesmerizing
‘fusion of soul,jazz, highlife, gospel and traditional African folk rhythms’. But, this album ventures deeper into the classical African,6/8, polyrhythmic groove. This is what defines the album and makes it stand apart. 

The other character in this story is Gritty ‘ol Charm City (or Harm City, as it is more affectionately known), Baltimore, which formed the backdrop for most of the album’s
recording and gave Siji a ‘proper glimpse into inner-city American life’. Locked away for months on end, Siji was able to tap into something only glimpsed on Television shows like ‘The Wire’. Completing the album and needing to change his environment, Siji sought the warmth of San Francisco and after a brief respite returned to the East Coast.

“My self-titled sophomore album ‘ADESIJI’, is a full portrayal of where I currently stand as an artist and human being and the experiences that have come to shape my character. A few of the songs are about the current war, the environment, my yearning to take a closer peek at my ancestral homeland (Nigeria), where I grew up in as well as the spiritual” side of his roots, said Siji.

 The new digital release will be available on  Itunes  and

Siji will be appearing alongside the Yorubasoul Orchestra on Friday August 15th, ’08 at New York’s Central Park Summerstage.


Glen Campbell Reinvents Himself with New CD of Contemporary Covers

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While checking out the Stereogum blog today, I learned that country music legend Glen Campbell is coming out with a contemporary covers record:

“Country Music Hall of Famer, “Rhinestone Cowboy” and “Gentle On My Mind” crooner, True Grit actor, ex-host of The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour, and all-around music legend Glen Campbell has himself a contemporary covers collection…On Meet Glen Campbell, the septuagenarian gives U2, Foo Fighters, the Replacements, John Lennon, Jackson Browne, Travis, and the Velvet Underground, among others, the Campbell treatment.”

Here’s the video trailer from YouTube:

Meet Glen Campbell CD

Track List

1 “Sing” (Travis)
02 “Walls” (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)
03 “Angel Dream” (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)
04 “Times Like These” (Foo Fighters)
05 “These Days” (Jackson Browne)
06 “Sadly Beautiful” (The Replacements)
07 “All I Want Is You” (U2)
08 “Jesus” (Velvet Underground)
09 “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)” (Green Day)
10 “Grow Old With Me” (John Lennon)

Meet Glen Campbell is out August 5th on Capitol Records.

Become a Better Musician with Deliberate Practice

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Dog practicing his music lesson

“They Laughed When I Said I Could Play the Piano. But When I Started to Play…”

From the Frontal Cortex blog:

“Virtually every psychological study that investigates expert “performers” – from chess grandmasters to concert pianists to brain surgeons – concludes that what separates these individuals from their peers is the amount of “deliberate practice” they are willing to endure. If there is an innate difference between Yo Yo Ma and a mediocre cellist, or between Tiger Woods and your golfing uncle, it is a willingness to practice, and not an innate aptitude for the cello or the 9 iron.”

Read more of this article here.

Pianist Artur Rubenstein has said “If I don’t practice one day, I notice it. If I don’t practice two days, my critics notice it. If I don’t practice for a week, my audience knows it.”

See? Practice really does make perfect!

What Song Was Number One on the Day You Were Born?

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Here’s something different. Have you ever wondered what song was popular when you were born (or for any other date)?

Enter in the date, and your choice of country (US, UK, and Aus), and This Day in Music will answer that burning question.

Try it here.

Crystal Blue Radio Podcast Interview with Carla Lynne Hall

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Earlier this week I participated in the 3rd Annual Digital Press Conference, which was an awesome opportunity to get interviews with tons of podcasters, internet radio DJs, and other new media maven. I’m gathering photos and other stories to prep it for Rock Star Life Lessons, but in the meantime, here’s a link to my interview for the Crystal Blue Radio podcast with Dan Herman.

More about Radio Crystal Blue

**To hear Radio Crystal Blue live, please tune into the Live365 network Sundays 7pm ET

**To subscribe to the Live365 podcasts, go to the RSS link or click inside the FeedPlayer:

**To stream the podcasts for Live365 Go to and look for the FeedPlayer window, with mp3s of previous shows. Use the different buttons to subscribe, to syndicate, or to simply listen.

Digital Media Is The New Hip Hop – Quincy “QD3″ Jones III

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Quincy “QD3” Jones (son of musician/producer Quincy Jones)

I love the blogosphere, can I tell you? I just found a great article about digital media is the future from musician/producer Quincy Jones’ son, Quincy “QD3” Jones. Wow.

In QD3’s blog, he writes: “I can see artists figuring out a way to go direct to consumer, creating sites and virtual worlds where they can present their undiluted vision to their audience (with user input of course). Upon building a nice-sized audience, they may possibly have their albums and videos underwritten by brands that feel their products are aligned with the creative direction of the artists.

Instead of pre-packaged albums, perhaps the artists upload songs, videos, and taped live shows periodically on their site as they finish them, and you, the consumer, can create your own track listing. Imagine your favorite group periodically releasing songs, using your input in part to make creative decisions, and thus having a more personal relationship with their fans. That could be pretty cool.”

That is poetry! Read the rest of his post from his QD3 Blog here:

New Book: Life with My Sister Madonna by Christopher Ciccone

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I suppose it would happen eventually…Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone has written a story about life with his famous sister. It’s titled (what else?) Life with My Sister Madonna. And he’s close enough to Madonna to have knowledge that she’d probably not want anyone else to have.

Madonna’s upcoming 50th birthday will not pass without controversy!

New iProng Magazine Features Interview with Carla Lynne Hall

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The summer 2008 edition of iProng Magazine is out today, and features an article with yours truly! iProng is an online magazine for iPod and iPhone users, and is available via iTunes.

Click to read the latest issue of iProng Magazine here.

CLH and Bill Palmer
Me and iProng Magazine publisher, Bill Palmer