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Carla vs Goliath: The Shiznit

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To tell you the truth, it has been a difficult day, a difficult week, and definitely a difficult month. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m going to get where I said where I want to be. I was never one to cry in my beer, or put my biz in the streets, but I won’t lie about life being easy all the time.

Thank Goddess, all of my closest girlfriends have reached out to me this week, not even knowing how much I needed their love and support. I received a CD in the mail today from my girl Mary Ann, with songs from her b-day celebration, and I’ve been cryin like a baby listening to all the songs.

My friend Nonye, former rapper, and now children’s book author, held a creative support group today, and reminded me of how far I’ve come, and all the demons that I’ve slayed since we met. Of course, new demons come to take their place, but at least they’re new ones 😉 Today’s meeting took place in the Muhlenberg Public Library in NYC, and while waiting for the other Sistas to arrive, I checked out Kimora Lee Simmon’s book Fabulosity, and I’m grateful for Homegirl’s wisdom.

Right now I’m listening to the blues of my new MySpace friend, Shaheed Shabazz, and I just don’t feel like fronting like everything is A-ok. Eff that!! Music is here to tell the whole range of the emotions that we feel, and I can identify with feeling “too miserable to drink”.

If you’re feeling low today, it’s okay. Take that feeling and turn it into your strength. Tomorrow will be a new day.