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Pearl Jam Tribute Show Wrap-Up

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Last night was my friend Matt Beisner’s Pearl Jam Tribute gig. I was originally going to sing in this choir, but my schedule became hectic, and I couldn’t squeeze in rehearsals. I’m not a huge Pearl Jam fan, but Matt has an awesome voice – lots of power, which I love.

Coincidentally, the guy who auditioned for the Rock Star TV show right before me was in Matt’s choir. The guy that looks like James Hetfield from Metallica! Anyway, I introduced myself, and he remembered me. I asked him if got a call back, and he said yes. The callbacks were held the day following the original audition in March, so I guess they lost my number 😉 Anyway, I refused to give into envy, and proceeded to pump him for info. He said that he didn’t get the slot because he didn’t have a press kit. That sounded a little strange to me since he did get the callback after all, so I pressed for more. THEN he added that after his callback audition, one of the producers reminded him that all of last year’s contestants were small-boned, because it looks better on TV, and added that he’d have a better chance if he was 15 lbs lighter. I’m much smaller than that guy, but you never know with these things. So today I went to my first cardio exercise class in ages, and got my butt kicked at the gym. But I went, kicking and screaming, but I went. And lived to tell the tale!