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Give Your Sweetie A Personalized Song For Valentine’s Day!

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Give a personalized song for Valentine’s Day!

If you’re looking for a special Valentine’s Day gift, why not have me write a personalized song for him or her? I’ll be taking orders until February 10th.

Personalized Song Packages

$150 USD for a recording of Supernova with a personalized verse.
Supernova by Carla Lynne Hall

$300 USD for a recording of a favorite song re-written with personalized lyrics.
She Loves Her Family by Carla Lynne Hall

$500 USD for a personalized song written from scratch.
You’re the One for Me by Carla Lynne Hall

Extra charge for RUSH and/or SINGING TELEGRAM Services.

If you’re interested in having a personalized song written, just submit a Personalized Song Profile, and I’ll respond asap.