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Musician’s Lunch NYC Begins Saturday, March 28th at 1pm

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Musician's Lunch
Lunch & Learn

Do you remember my mentioning that I had a tasty project planned with London’s Kavit Haria? Well, it’s here!

Musician’s Lunch is a luncheon event to bring together musicians who are interested in learning about the latest trends in music marketing and ideas for promotion over a meal.
I’ll be hosting the lunches in NYC, while Kavit will be hosting similar events in London. The cost is $25 in NYC, and £25 in London – and you pay for your own lunch. In addition to the fun we’ll be having, each lunch attendee in NYC will also get a free music marketing strategy guide that’s worth $97!

I love talking about music, I love breaking down marketing strategies, and I love eating out. This project is right up my alley, and I plan to do as many musician lunches as I can fit in this year. If you don’t live in NYC or London, and you’re interested in participating, leave me a comment below, and we’ll see if we can find a way to visit your town. Personally, I’d love to get to New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Atlanta this year, so if you live there, let me know!!!

If you have your heart set on sitting next next to me or Kavit, that spot goes to the first musician who offers to buy our lunch!

If you’re interested in learning the latest music marketing techniques successful musicians use to build a buzz, grow their audience, and sell more CDs, visit Musician’s Lunch!

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“How to Get More Disciplined with Your Music Career” ~ Guest Blog by Kavit Haria Listed in Guide to Music Careers Blogroll

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This morning I woke to a lovely surprise! Heather McDonald of Guide to Music Careers mentioned this Rock Star Life Lessons blog in her inaugural Weekly Blog Round Up.

How cool is that?

If you haven’t visited Heather’s domain at, she also writes for musicians and shares ideas and resources. Her site even has a forum where you can meet other musicians. Check out Guide to Music Careers.

Former Blink182 Drummer Travis Barker Critically Injured

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Four people were killed including two crew members and two passengers, while two people – Barker, and Hollywood disc jockey DJ AM – were seriously injured as the plane departed from a South Carolina airport.

Travis – star of MTV’s ‘Meet The Barkers’ – and DJ AM had performed Friday night at the Five Points block party in Columbia alongside Perry Farrell, the former Jane’s Addiction singer and Gavin DeGraw.

Witness reports suggest sparks were seen coming from the plane on take-off before it went off the runway and crashed through a gate onto a nearby road.

Read rest of story here.

Our prayers go out to Travis Barker, Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein, and the families of the plane’s crew members.

Travis Barker Remix Soulja Boy “Crank That”

New Music Artist: Katt Rockell

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New music artist Katt Rockell will be performing at New York City’s Tillman’s on September 22nd for their Turntable Unplugged.

Katt Rockell
New Music Artist Katt Rockell

From Katt’s MySpace page:

With a commanding stage presence and a voice described by a major label A&R representative as the “sweetest tear,” Katt Rockell draws you into her lair and delivers a knock out punch every time. Fans will walk away mesmerized, invigorated, empowered and most importantly – completely satisfied and wanting more.

A stellar vocalist, Katt is preparing to share her musical vision with blazing hot tracks that will make you sing out loud, tap your feet and at times rejoice with tears of joy and victory. Her debut solo project will document a very personal and triumphant journey of rediscovery.

Katt is also recognized as a naturally gifted songwriter with the unique ability to both pen a hit record in a variety of music genres and vocally capture the essence of a song. Katt has collaborated with leading recording artists and numerous multi-platinum producers including Younglord (Beyonce, P. Diddy, Mariah Carey.)

Currently, Katt is recording with the production house Truth & Soul and Peter Lord, as well as other high-profile producers and writers. “I’ve been on an incredible path that has helped shape me as an artist, Katt says, “I really want to make an honest record and share all of the bumps and bruises as well as my growth as a singer and songwriter”.

She continues to write for other artists but is in the studio and concentrating on her own project. Katt says, “I’ve been in the trenches and have learned a lot of valuable lessons. I’ve worked with some of the best talents in the industry and absorbed so much knowledge. It’s my time to shine.”

Katt’s music is timeless and her star is rising fast. So, prepare yourself for a smooth and funky ‘diva soul’ journey because there’s a new Katt in town.

Check out New Music Artist Katt Rockell at her MySpace page.

Book Review: How to Design a Winning & Profitable Music Business by Kavit Haria

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Today, September 9th, 2008, is the release date of Kavit Haria’s FREE eBook, How to Design a Winning & Profitable Music Business. After enjoying “The Strategy Guide to Succeeding As A Musician in 2008”, I looked forward to Kavit’s next publication, which did not disappoint.


Where Kavit’s “Strategy Guide” went into the nitty gritty of music marketing tactics, “How to Design a Winning & Profitable Music Business” uses more broad strokes to inspire the reader to create their own vision. Just as each musician has his or her own motivations for pursuing music, Haria understands that individual musicians will have different marketing goals, and his book offers a starting point for creativity. A la Seth Godin, the ideas presented in “How to Design a Winning & Profitable Music Business” are designed to make musicians think. If you ask me, that’s always a good thing 😉

In this eBook, Kavit Haria encourages musicians to see themselves as music business owners – entrepreneurs in charge of their own music business strategy. From building a business framework to creating a fanbase, Haria offers solid ideas for independent musicians, and I highly recommend “How to Design a Winning & Profitable Music Business”.

Get your free copy of “How to Design a Winning & Profitable Music Business” at Inner Rhythm

How to Design a Winning and Profitable Music Business

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How to Design a Winning and Profitable Music Business eBook by Kavit Haria
How to Design a Winning and Profitable Music Business eBook by Kavit Haria

Kavit Haria has done it again.

British musician and music business consultant Kavit Haria is releasing a new free eBook titled “How to Design a Winning and Profitable Music Business” on September 9th, and I highly recommend that you read it as soon as possible.

As a musician, Kavit has played Tabla around the world. As a music biz consultant, he speaks and writes about the themes of independent music business strategy, music entrepreneurship and music marketing.

I originally read Kavit’s report “The Strategy Guide To Succeeding As A Musician in 2008”, and found it filled with real music business strategies – no fluff!

Kavit’s upcoming “How to Design a Winning and Profitable Music Business” eBook takes a broader approach, and explains how musicians can design their own strategy, create tribes, and build fan funnels, which is the future of music entrepreneurship.

Put your music on the bleeding edge. Sign up for your free copy now at

HTML Code for Musical Notes

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Aren’t there times when you want to burst into song while you’re typing along in Twitter? Well, here’s the html code so you can sing along:

[Note: Use the characters within the quotation marks, and remove the spaces in between the characters]

“& # 9 8 3 3 ;” produces ♩ (quarter note)
“& # 9 8 3 4 ;” produces ♪ (eighth note)
“& # 9 8 3 5 ;” produces ♫ (beamed pair of eighth notes)
“& # 9 8 3 6 ;” produces ♬ (beamed pair of sixteenth notes)
“& # 9 8 3 7 ;” produces ♭ (flat accidental)
“& # 9 8 3 8 ;” produces ♮ (natural accidental)
“& # 9 8 3 9 ;” produces ♯ (sharp accidental)

Says Uncle Fredo at, “This code may show up as boxes or question marks on some browsers, but they appeared fine for me in current versions of Internet Explorer (Windows only), Firefox (Windows & Mac), Safari (Windows & Mac), Opera (Windows & Mac), and Camino (Mac only)”.

Book Your Own Gig: Have a House Concert

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Performing often is important to keep your stage chops in good form, but some artists are unable to do shows as often as they would like. In some cases, there might not be enough venues in town that showcase your style of music, such as hip-hop or bluegrass. Or perhaps you’re under 21, and are too young to perform in places that serve alcohol. Or perhaps you need to build a larger audience before you can get a club gig. If you fall into any of these categories, there are still ways to get yourself out there: have a house concert.

What’s a house concert? Basically, it’s a performance that you give in someone’s home. I’ve done a couple of house concerts myself, and I’ve found them to be a lot of fun. The host (you or another music lover) chooses a date, and invites friends over to hear you play. The friends pay for entry (or at least donate to a tip jar if you feel weird about that), and they have the option to buy your CDs and join your mailing list. Great, huh?

House concert audiences are fantastic because they’re there to actually listen to your music. An intimate listening room vibe is created, and there’s often a lot of love in the room, which we performers need 😉 People sitting on couches, the floor, or at a picnic are relaxed and receptive. They also have the opportunity to really hear your lyrics, as well as experience your personality. Afterwards, the event becomes a party where you can connect with your listeners for as long as you want. That’s my kind of gig!

I was reminded about house concerts when I came across an awesome article about house concerts by Madalyn Sklar. Madalyn is the founder of, the oldest and largest online community of indie women musicians (“cuz chicks rock!”). Among other things, Madalyn is a music business coach & consultant and blogs at Madalyn’s Music Biz Blog, which is where I found inspiration for today’s blog post.

Additional inspiration came from a video from a teenage singer named Sara Niemietz, who started a “Living Room” series of performances on YouTube. She sounds great in a living room, and I’m sure that her voice will sound awesome in a club. But for now, she’s winning worldwide fans from her home. Below is a clip from one of her house concerts (notice audience members sitting on the staircase!).

One of my favorite parts of this video is at the end when a family member says to the camera: “The Living Room Series is getting bigger! Now there are people in the living room!”

Sara Niemietz – People Get Ready – LIVE @ The Living Room

For even more info on House Concerts, you can also check out
The Complete Guide to House Concerts by Nyree Belleville

Music Management: Should You Ever Trade Up?

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Yesterday’s Lefsetz Letter blog talks about switching music management:

“I’m fascinated by Usher firing Benny Medina and returning to his mother for management. The question arises…should you stay with who got you there, or switch allegiance to the big swinging dick?”

Lefsetz brings up a good point. Your first manager will most likely have tons of passion, which can make up for experience. But once you reach your goal of success, should you trade up for a Big Gun manager?

Should You Use Auto Friend Adders in MySpace, et al?

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In the world of social media, I understand that everyone wants to have a lot of “friends”. This has opened up a new world for software development that has the ability to add friends for you, and send messages to your friends without you having to do too much.

I admit, I even bought a friend adder product myself a few years ago. I knew of other musicians using it, and I was jealous of their friend numbers. But I just couldn’t bring myself to install it. My conscience wouldn’t let me, and it wasn’t just because auto friend adders are against the “Terms of Service” of most social media websites. In my opinion, using auto friend adders is basically gaming your friend numbers, and it just doesn’t feel kosher to me.

I know that everyone has other things they need to do with their time, like write songs and rehearse, but I believe that building your friend lists should be organic – like the way you make friends in real life.

My friend Carmelina uses MySpace as her main social media website, and she has amassed over 16,000 friends, and over 270,000 plays of her song “Mueve Las Caderas” (Move Your Hips) the old fashioned way. She has a full-time job, and plenty other things going on in her life, but she swears that she only dedicates an hour a day to making new friends, and connecting with old ones. Consistency and time management are her methods of choice, and they seem to be working. (By the way, I sing backup vocals in “Mueve Las Caderas”, which you can listen to here)

That’s just my two pennies, which was inspired by a great blog post by Andrew Dubber at New Music Strategies that gives his two pennies. Check out his blog here and don’t be afraid to chime in with your own opinion on this debate.