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About Carla Lynne Hall

Mixing soul, jazz, and country twang, New York City’s Carla Lynne Hall is a singer/songwriter playing pop by her own set of rules. The Manhattan Mirror has described Carla’s music as “Norah Jones meets Sade for tea on their way to visit The Beatles”. A visit to Manhattan’s Hayden Planetarium inspired SUPERNOVA, the title track of Hall’s third CD, released on her independent label Moxie Entertainment.

From the haunting “My Body’s Keeper” to the sassy “Left Side Blues” to the heartfelt “Lucy & Ethel”, Hall’s SUPERNOVA boldly tackles topics like friendship, addictions, and motherhood, and showcases a charismatic vocal style that has drawn comparisons to Roberta Flack and Sheryl Crow.

With lush production by Christian Cassan, SUPERNOVA hints at the producer’s fondness for The Beatles – the legendary band’s musical style, as well as their sonic experimentation in the studio. Instrumentation such as pedal steel, trumpet, and accordion treats the listener to Cassan’s sophisticated approach to producing. However, simple guitar/vocal arrangements are also featured as an ode to Hall’s acoustic roots.

Carla’s debut CD, FRONT & CENTER was released in 2000, and reached #3 in college radio playlists. Her second release, the “My First Child” lullaby CD single, found popularity in 2004 with the baby shower set, as well as with pregnant celebrities Courtney Cox and Debra Messing who were expecting their first children that year.

Known in musician circles as “The DIY Diva”, Hall found an audience online when she began writing articles for musicians on Her informative articles on songwriting and performing made her a favorite with readers, who also started sharing her song MP3s on file-sharing websites. This led to her debut CD, FRONT & CENTER selling out with no radio airplay. Soon after, Vibe Magazine contacted her to start their new music business column called “The Biz”, in which she interviewed celebrities like Russell Simmons, Mary J. Blige, and Patti LaBelle about their career successes. She later compiled her articles and interviews into an eBook, The DIY Guide to the Music Biz, which is available at She is also the author of Twitter for Musicians, which is available at

Hall also expands her performances to the classroom. Teaching seminars for organizations such as The Learning Annex and ASCAP (American Society for Composers and Publishers), Carla has inspired attendees at standing room only lectures such as Making Money Making Music, Guerrilla Music Marketing, and Networking in the Music Biz. Most recently, Carla has been named a Master Teacher by In addition to the performing end of the business, she has also worked on the other side of the desk. Her industry experience includes Juna Entertainment, as the former director of marketing, EMI Music Publishing, Criteria Recording Studios, and WHQT-FM in Miami, Florida. As an indie music marketing consultant, Carla helps artists & bands, and companies such as Ariel Publicity and Chicken is Kickin’ Music reach their marketing goals.

In September 2012, Carla’s new TV show “Carla Lynne Hall: Music Trekker” will debut on Manhattan Neighborhood Network’s Channel 34 on Time Warner Cable in New York City. Live and archived episodes of the show can also be viewed on

Like a diamond with endless facets, Carla Lynne Hall has many creative gifts. Also like the precious gemstone, Hall’s SUPERNOVA is a testament of one woman’s resilience and her journey toward self-fulfillment, with “a pinch of strength and hope” – The Hudson Current

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