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I can’t help it. I love bashing the traditional record industry. When will they get that digital killed the album star?

In The Marquee Blog,’s Matt West recently reviewed Sony BMG’s Platinum MusicPass, credit card-like digital albums that allow music buyers to purchase music in non-disc form, log on to a Web site and download MP3 files to their digital players. Long story short, he writes an awesome rant, which thrills me to no end:

 “Apparently the company now wants to me to go to a retail store to pick up something that I could just as easily do without ever leaving my home.

This bothers me on so many levels. First, I should mention that I live in Los Angeles, where driving is considered a blood sport. Now, thanks to MusicPass, I can not only take my life in my own hands in order to get music on my computer — I’m also contributing unnecessary carbon emissions and smog to the atmosphere.”

You can read the rest of his review here, but I’ll include his scathing send-off:

“Thanks for trying, Sony. I’ll just stack the rest of these cards over here next to this pile of MiniDiscs and Betamax tapes.”

And the underdogs dance with glee!!!

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