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Tales from Podcamp NYC 2.0!

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I think I’m about caught up now with my post-Podcamp schmoozing. Last weekend (April 25-26), podcasters and new media enthusiasts descended upon Brooklyn Polytechnic University for the Podcamp NYC 2.0 “un-conference”.  I performed an acoustic set at the iProng stage and gave away copies of my live Dirty5 EP. Special thanks to Ariel Hyatt  and the gang at Ariel Publicity for hooking me up with the gig.

My set was recorded on a friend’s video recorder, and I’m awaiting the results. If I look cute, I’ll upload the show. If not, you’re out of luck! 😉 But the YouTube videos are coming to Rock Star Life Lessons very soon! In the meantime, I do have photos to share:

CLH & Natalie Gelman
Natalie Gelman and me

The beautiful and talented Natalie Gelman (on the left) organized the performers for the iProng stage. Natalie is a singer/songwriter who also writes for iProng Magazine.

 Carla with Josephine and Craig Wilson
Craig Wilson, Josephine Ancelle, and me

When I first arrived, the iProng stage was graced by the sweet and lovely Josephine Ancelle who performed her original tunes. Backing up Josephine on vocals and 2nd guitar was Craig Wilson, a NYC musician and producer.

Carla & Ariel Hyatt
Ariel Hyatt and me

After my set was underway, I was visited by none other than the fabulous Ariel Hyatt, my wonderful publicist. She even tweeted about me to her friends on Twitter while I performed. The previous day, Ariel rocked the house as well during the workshop she gave for Podcamp. If you’re a musician looking for more exposure, contact Ariel at Ariel Publicity immediately!!  Tell her Carla sent you!

Carla and iProng's Bill Palmer
me and Bill Palmer

I had a great time performing on the iProng stage, and I have to give a big shout out to iProng publisher Bill Palmer, who was just a great guy. iProng is a magazine for iPod and iPhone users. The iProng booth also gave out free earbud holders – nothing like cool swag that you’ll actually use! These gadgets are called smartwraps, which looked like this.

I also have to rave about the sponsorship workshop I attended, led by Brian Jude at Digital Cafe Tour. By the way, Digital Cafe Tour is a company which records high-quality live concert videos and documentaries for bands and musicians. They are currently accepting submissions for bands to feature on their “Live 2.0 Independents’ Day”, which is virtual music festival. How cool is that? For more info, visit Digital Cafe Tour for more details.  

Last but not least, I also have to thank Tara at Queens Artists, a podcast hailing from Fresh Meadows, Queens. Tara saw me walking around with my guitar, and asked if I was a musician who’d be interested in being featured on her podcast (Is the Pope Catholic?). I gave her a Dirty5 CD, and she promptly added the live version of “Supernova” to the podcast she created the very next day!

I had a blast at Podcamp NYC 2.0. I played, schmoozed, and learned. Now that’s my kind of “un-conference”. Hope to return next year for 3.0!

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