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What is it about Jennifer Lopez?

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Seriously, I was not planning to blog about Jennifer Lopez today.

But while surfing the blogosphere for inspiration this morning, I found a site called JLo Stalker, which featured one of my favorite Jennifer Lopez videos, “Get Right”. As it happens, I watched JLo’s movie Monster-in-Law last night on TBS. JLo plays a temp engaged to marry a brain surgeon (Michael Vartan), whose disapproving mother is Jane Fonda. This funny movie also features comedienne Wanda Sykes who steals all the scenes. Nothing like a sassy black woman to tell it like it is!

Anyway, I like this video because JLo plays a bunch of different characters. And I learned from JLoStalker that the little girl playing Jennifer’s cute little sister is Marc Anthony’s daughter (pre Dayonara Torres) – who’s now her stepdaughter.

So while I’m in a Jennifer Lopez state of mind, here’s “Get Right” courtesy of YouTube. Enjoy!

One Response to “What is it about Jennifer Lopez?”

  1. Andre Stiliner Says:

    I love Jennifer Lopez new single doing it well its so addictive i’ve never really been into up until i listened to this song. i know I love you Jlo

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