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New Music: Etienne de Rocher

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Today I toured the music blog Indie Muse and stumbled upon a cool singer/songwriter named Etienne de Rocher. Okay, his photo did grab my attention first, but after checking out his tunes, I’m digging his music too. I’m not always good at coming up with soundalikes for you lazy folks out there, but he reminds me a little of a funky Jeff Buckley. But with these things, it’s always better for you to check it out and decide for yourself.

I also went to Etienne’s MySpace page, and listened to “The Lizard Song” a couple of times:

“I went backstage one day, to meet Beck
I gave him my record, he did not care a speck
Kept on talkin to some dude about touring in Germany
I was unhappy, so I went home

I took it so hard…”

Catchy and clever (and cute) – sign me up!!!

Learn more about Etienne de Rocher’s self-titled indie CD at his site.

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