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Making the Band 4 ~ Episode 6: Is it Okay to Cry on Stage?

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Okay, so I did watch Making the Band again, and one of the various storylines that caught my attention this time was Danity Kane’s Dawn dealing with her emotions. Girlfriend has a voice, and she also has a story. She’s from New Orleans, and was displaced by Hurricane Katrina. She has a painful past, but doesn’t like to talk about it.

When the vocal coach asked to hear each of the girls sing, Dawn had mad skills. The vocal coach still wanted more emotion from her, and told her that singing had to be about the listeners, not just what she wanted to give them. As Dawn got connected more with her emotions, tears started to fall down her face. The vocal coach demanded that she sing through her tears, although I’m not totally sure if he wanted to teach her how to get past her tears while she was singing, or if he just wanted more emotion from her.

If anybody saw this episode and has some insight, please let me know. I’m gonna have to watch this again…

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