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Rock Star: Supernova ~ Week 5 Performances

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Just another awesome night at Rock and Roll Boot Camp at Rock Star: Supernova!After Brooke’s “Back in Black” outfit started the show with a bang, we went straight to the behind the scenes video:

Magni received a videotape from home, showing his baby’s first steps. It was really quite sweet. Seeing what he was missing at home seems to steel Magni’s resolve. And his kid is very cute.

During song selection, Patrice ended up choosing “Higher Ground” (originally written by Stevie Wonder, later covered by the Red Hot Chili Peppers) which Tommy Lee was going to play on. She was hesitant about attracting a microscope on her performance after last week’s near miss. Her sensitivity caused her to snap at Ryan, who called her a bitch. They quickly made up, and after he walked away, Ryan called her a bitch again under his breath. Ryan makes me laugh because he knows how to play the reality tv show game. I don’t believe that he’s that much of a jerk in real life, but I can appreciate that it gives the people at home something to talk about.

Patrice Pike – Higher Ground

So the show started right away with Patrice playing “Higher Ground” with Tommy Lee. Patrice looked great with a faux mohawk hairdo, and of course, Tommy was in full drummer form. Patrice was strong from the very start, and I don’t know why she was stressing. She definitely interacted with Tommy Lee, and there was no hint of the anxious bitch. I wonder if that’s Patrice’s strategy: you know you’re going to kill it, but you just pretend like you might collapse from the strain. Ha!

Powerful voice + strong voice = Go, Patrice, Go!

Dave – Loved Patrice’s energy, and suggested that a few Rockers would not be able to hold their own, “some of you will disappear in front of Tommy”. Patrice “definitely held her own”.

Gilby – “It took a lot of guts, and you stood your ground. Awesome! Awesome!”

Josh Logan – Santeria

He sounds great, with the whole fake-Jamaican-regaae-soul-thing, but I just don’t see Tommy Lee and Josh Logan in the same band. Supernova’s thoughts?

Dave – “You sounded great”

Tommy – “I love the way you sing. Makes me wish I was on the beach with one of those foofy drinks!”

Jason – “You have a high level of musicality, and I hope you keep bringing that each week”

I am not hating. I just don’t see it. I’ll leave it to those of you at home to vote. What do you think?

Dilana – Can’t Get Enough of Your Love

I wondered how Dilana was going to change things up, but I shouldn’t have worried. While singing, she went into the audience, and got right onto the judge’s box with Dave and Supernova to sing to them. She was in great form. A little heavy on the rock screech, but hey, she has that particular tool in her singer’s toolbox, so I’ll let go and let God When she decided to return to the stage, she got on the shoulder of a guy in the audience who walked her back. It seemed totally unrehearsed, and delightfully in the moment.

She didn’t miss a beat of the song, and she sounded great. Tommy was on his feet, and Jason acted like he was blown back into his seat. Again, Homegirl switched it up. Wow!

Dave – Loved “the free expression of your voice”

Gilby – “You came and sang in front of us! What you did was good! Sneaky, but good!”

Jason – “Give it to her, yeah!”

Toby – Pennyroyal Tea

In Toby’s intro, Brooke mentioned that Toby has yet to give a memorable performance that everyone talks about. As I watched him, I wasn’t sure if tonight was going to be that night yet. Toby sings his butt off, and he can milk an audience. At the very end of the song, he went into the audience, sang to a girl, and then hugged her as he finished the song. Ok, that was different, but not sure if was enough.

Dave – “After Dilana just went into the audience, I thought that was a little much”, but added that tonight, “You became a man”

Tommy – “Nice arrangement”

Jason – “Is that someone you met tonight?” (Toby said yes, and camera pans to the girl) “Great!”

Folks, in the music biz it NEVER matters what people tell you to your face. The proof is in the votes.

Zayra – Jenny (867 5309)

First, I’ll describe the outfit: she looked like a sexy superhero. Or is that superheroine? Zayra wore a leopard skin short short one piece thingeroo with a chain belt. She also wore elbow-length gold lame gloves. Tell me this girl ain’t creative!

I’m still concerned about the articulation of her vocals, but when an artist brings the spectacle to the stage, what do you do? She’s bringing the theater, and I can’t stop watching. She does love her little Bjork vocal thing (and I noticed Supernova caught it too). I feel like Zayra was performing AT me, not TO me, but the lady has heart.

And when it came time for the judges, Dave and the guys just started laughung, and they asked for a minute to get their thought together Tommy asked for six minutes specifically, and for the first time in the history of Rock Star: Supernova, we went to commercial before getting the judge’s comments. When we returned from the station break, Dave and Supernova had composed themselves.

Dave – Mentioned that there was controversy about her staying while Josh got kicked off the island last week. “You change it up every week”, and that ability is what keeps her in the game.

Gilby – Your voice was a little off, but we like seeing what you do. And I am not wearing matching leopard pants!

Just the fact that Gilby was even thinking about what he’d wear onstage with Zayra is very promising. From their earlier inability to keep a straight face, I thought that they were going to make fun of her, but she’s starting to reap the rewards of persistence.

But I gotta know. WHO is Zayra’s stylist? Did she pack all this stuff in her suitcase? Inquiring minds want to know!

Magni – Clocks

I liked Magni’s voice tonight. He got to be mellow and melodic. It was a nice change to see the kinder and gentler “Daddy” Magni, but to me, his ego is bigger than his talent. But this was the most I’ve liked his performance during the competition so far.

Jason – “You continue to set the bar”

Gilby – “That was awesome”

Tommy asked him how it felt to miss his son. When Magni admitted to missing his son, but adding “I really want to be here”, Tommy said his owned kids were there tonight too, and that that the band appreciated his dedication. Tommy then announced that would send for his wife and baby to LA. Magni bowed to Supernova, and it was a beautiful moment. Tommy Lee is a sweetheart. That was just nice all around, you know?

Jill – Don’t Forget About Me

Jill was really working the long straight blond hair thing tonight. I’m not mad at that, but the singing was just forced, and not particularly pleasant for me to listen to. She has great energy and power, but I’m not sure. Sorry, Jill.

Dave – “There comes a time during every show when you go to the fridge or get chips. That was just one of those times. It was really not that good.” [Can you say Ouch? Jill just smiles. She already knows that opening her mouth will make it worse with Dave]

Tommy – “The low register is what makes the song for me”

Gilby – “I think you oversang that. It was actually uncomfortable to listen to.”

Jill, it’s time to go to church and light some candles. Things are not looking good.

Ryan – Losing My Religion

Ryan sang while playing a baby grand piano. Nice touch, definitely changing things up. He brought an intense presence and vocals to the song. Even if I wanted to, I can’t deny it : Ryan killed it tonight. Well done, Man.

Dave – “That was phenomenal”

Jason – “That was your best performance yet”

Tommy – “I have a piano song, and I can so hear your voice on it. And by the way, that performance is sooo going to get you laid, Dude!”

Lukas – Celebrity Skin

Lukas was odd tonight on stage. He seemed like he was singing to the drummer of the house band. I couldn’t understand what he was singing, although he looked great. This wasn’t the Lukas we’re used to seeing, and that was a bit jarring.

Dave – “That was your my least favorite performance of yours”

Gilby – You spent most of the song with your back to us. Is something going on? This turned out to be a valid question, because Lukas admitted that he turned away to concentrate on the lyrics, “for more comfortability” (if that’s not a real word, then it should be!) So Gilby added. “Learn the lyrics!”

Storm – Changes

Tonight Storm gave us elegant and vulnerable. What can’t this woman do? Her outfit was understated, yet sexy and classy, just like this David Bowie classic. After rocking out for the past few shows, now she can give us this other side. Can you say multifaceted?

Dave – “My favorite performance. You stood there, and you were vulnerable, with none of that crazy eye stuff”

Gilby – “That was a risky song choice. That was great!”

Jason – “I’d love to see this classy thing anytime!”

Dana – Baba O’Riley

Dana rocked a straight hair look tonight. It does seem to give her an edge. Tonight Dana brought her rock and roll attitude to the stage, finally. She has stopped worrying about looking beautiful, finally. Vocally she rocks, so the rest she can work out as she goes. She is a student lo longer. Graduation Day is here, Dana. Take your well-deserved bow!

Dave – “When I heard that you were doing this song, I was worried that it was too ambitious for you. You were really great!”

Gilby – “Are you ready to be a rebel?” Dana responded, “I’m getting a tattoo tomorrow!” The crowd laughed and applauded.

And the Bottom Three as of the first five minutes of voting (which is really silly when you think about it) is:

The voting has hours yet to go, so tune in tomorrow for the official Bottom Three results!

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