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Rock Star: Supernova ~ Week 7 Performances

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Here comes Brooke Burke in a gorgeous regal purple dress tonight. It’s just been announced that Brooke is now expecting Baby Number 3 and she looks great! Wow!

Brooke introduces Tommy Lee as “The guy who give bad boys a good name”, and reminds us that Dave’s band, Panic Channel released their new record today. She also announces that tonight’s performances would be stripped down. Hearing that, Dave and Tommy proceed to take their shirts off as we go to the behind the scenes video.

The remaining Rockers go to Las Vegas via SUPERNOVA private jet to The Joint where the band will be playing on New Year’s Eve. The Rockers got to see the stage and the room, and touch what might become their future. You can see it in their eyes – they can TASTE that lead singer spot so bad. Of course, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, so we don’t know what kind of debauchery they found in the Land of Elvis. The next day, all of the Rockers are shown in their beds, asleep and mostly hungover. They were in serious pain. And in this not-quite-dead-but-not-quite-alive state, the Rockers headed into Song Selection. Magni: “I hate hungover Song Selection”.

At least, the Rockers learn, that this week’s songs are to be stripped-down and acoustic – a little easier for those hungover ears. When one of the songs is discovered to be attached to Gilby playing guitar, Dilana immediately wanted it. On one hand, she knows that cameras are everywhere, and she’ll be judged negatively if she doesn’t go for the Gilby song. But on the other hand, everyone – including herself – knows she’s the favorite to win. Why not just share? So what happens next? Before I can call Dilana grabby, Toby announces that he wants the Gilby song. And he’s adamant enough to stand his ground. This probably helps Dilana save face anyway, but she tells Toby, “If I give you the song, you have to give me something in return.” And she tells him she’ll let him have the Gilby song if he runs around the pool naked, in front of everyone.

And OF COURSE Toby ran around the pool naked, in front of anyone.

So yeah, Toby’s doin’ the tune with Gilby. And Toby’s willingness to go the extra mile for this sing will not be soon forgotten. I bet it’ll go on the DVD!

Another song in Song Selection was the choice to do an original song. Ooh, now THAT is a nice choice! Zayra wanted the original, and so did Ryan. They discussed it a bit, until Zayra caught a moment of doubt in Ryan, and willed her to let her have it. Zayra held out for what she wanted, and decided to go for it. Should be interesting.

So we go back to the show, and Dave and Tommy are dressed again, something about the producers told them that they had to be clothed. C’mon guys. FOCUS!!!

Dave then goes off on the Rockers for not going after the original song. “How come more of you didn’t want the original?” He then says that if he was a Rocker, he’d be jumping at the chance to show what he could do.

Gilby also scolds the Rockers, “You act like you’re going to be around longer”. He wanted to see more Rockers volunteering for original songs, and not taking it easy.

Zayra – Lluvia de Mar

Hopefully, an original song will demonstrate her skills, and this one did. By choosing a song in Spanish, no one will give her poor marks for articulation. Zayra’s song highlighted all of her natural musical gifts, and she had the opportunity to have her song realized in an awesome way – full band, plus string section on international TV.

I’m originally from Miami, so songs in Spanish don’t bug me, but I would have liked one verse in English, for the gringos watching Rock Star: Supernova in Kansas. BUT I can’t fault Zayra for sticking to her guns. She’s had such a crazy ride so far on this show. It has to be a great feeling to perform her own song.

Oh, and I didn’t mention her outfit yet. Very possibly because the singing and the performance are what pulled the most attention. She wore a black spaghetti-strap camisole with a bright red flouncy skirt. It wasn’t too much. It was just right. The perfect outfit for a dramatic and intense performance. Will this keep her out of the Bottom Three? I dunno, but I’ll let her have this moment.

Dave: “Thanks for having the guts to fight for this song, and to perform it like that.”

Tommy: “Love your dress. In your performance, there were hints of Massive Attack, that I love. It’s not for us, though. But you sounded great!”

Gilby: “Thought it was great. I still want to see a rock song from you!”

Jason: “What is this like for you, playing your song like this?”

Zayra: “It’s beautiful. I love it!”

Magni – Starman

I liked this David Bowie tune, although I don’t think I was familiar with it before tonight. I also liked Magni’s white suit with black shirt. Very “GQ”, although the way he moves (with the suit) reminded me a bit of a lounge singer. Perhaps the suit was weraring Magni more than Magni was wearing the suit, if you know what I mean. I smell a stylist in the house!!!

Magni has a great voice. He has power and control. Vocally he killed it, his stage presence just leaves me wanting.

Gilby: “Great singing, but you missed the perfect opportunity to lead the audience with the ‘la la la’s'”

Patrice Pike – Message in a Bottle

Vocally, she’s great, but Patrice is just too rooted to the spot for me. She’s rocked the house in the past, but I feel like she’s playing it safe again.

Dave: “There was a little intensity that was lacking for me, but otherwise you sang well.”

Gilby: “I thought you sang well, but I would have liked to have seen you do this differently”.

Dave then adds, “It may sound like you’re being hanmered, but I know there’s a hell of a performer in there. I’d like to see her every week.

I have to agree. Patrice, if you’re reading this, STOP PLAYING IT SAFE. When you played with Tommy Lee, you killed the song. The fact that you wound up in the Bottom Three does not change that reality. Don’t listen to the outside voices. Challenge yourself, and go all out. Who cares if Supernova puts the microscope on you. That’s damned good, I say. Let them see you, and let them see you rock. Patrice, do not let down your guard, or your days are numbered.

Ahem…Anyone notice how much more room there is in the Rocker Box? It’s really getting tough for Supernova to have to choose.

Lukas – Hero

I love the tone and timbre (pronounced tam-ber) of Lukas Rossi’s voice. Timbre is often used to describe the “color” of a singer’s voice. Lukas has about 64 or more vocal colors available in his singer’s crayon box, and this stripped down arrangement, emphasize his versatility. Just when I thought there was nothing left to show, he simply brings his voice, also known as “the first instrument”. Lukas sat and played acoustic guitar, which was a nice touch, but his voice was the star.

And I can’t end without mentioning his “Reverend Muscle Shirt”, which looked like a pastor’s shirt without sleeves. He was also wearing a rosary to complete the look of rock and roll blasphemy. Madonna would wish she had thought of it first!

Dave: “I love how this shows the different characters in your voice.”

Tommy only had one dislike: “I hate when people sit down.”

Jason: “You sounded like you might have been closing off your throat a little bit. Be careful about reverting to that. I’m not going to let you.”

Lukas genuinely smiled at Jason’s comments, like he understood that Jason wanted the best for him. Personally, I think Jason digs Lukas’s voice and presence a lot, but he doesn’t want Lukas to get lazy.

Storm – I Will Survive

From the beginning, Storm had me with gorgeous vocal arrangement over the string section. When the verse came in, so did the other guitars. She rocked out the verses with substitutions like, “Your ass ain’t welcome anymore” and “If had known one frickin’ second you’d be back to bother me”, but she really sang the mess out of this song.

While she had me, this is where she may have lost the members of Supernova.Her expressive vocals reminded me of a gorgeous mix of Nina Simone and Roberta Flack, with a bit of Heart thrown in. She sounded amazing. I can’t believe she fronts a band called Storm Large and the Balls with pipes like these. But this wasn’t exactly a rock performance. But she still brought the house down.

Dave: “The audience obviously loved you. But for me, that just didn’t work. I hated it.”

Tommy: “That was sauteed in wrong sauce. And I kinda want my money back.”

Gilby: “I didn’t like it either. You guys are the Final 8. For the rest of the show, when you do a song, do it like you were in front of our band.”

Storm confessed that she went to Las Vegas with Tommy and Gilby, and woke up with Gloria Gaynor, meaning that the trip wore her out, and kept her from giving a better performance. I still think she killed it, but I understand why Supernova didn’t like it for their band. Is Vegas enough of a good reason to overlook her non-rock (although spectacular) performance? For Storm, I’d still say yes, because she gave it her all, and she sounded great. We’ll see what the rest of the world thinks tomorrow.

Toby Rand – Solsbury Hill

By the way, Gilby was SITTING on the grand piano while Toby stood on the stage.

Okay, WHO selects the songs for Song Selection??? I really want to know. Seriously, you give the Rockers a limited selection of rocking songs to sing, and then you spank them (to borrow Storm’s word) when their performances don’t quite get off the ground. This is a Peter Gabriel song, hello?? Is Supernova really going to be doing “Solsbury Hill” at some point, or do they just want to see how Rockers can pull blood out of a stone? I mean, really now. “Solsbury Hill”???

I just don’t understand why Gilby would attach himself to this song, but there better be a method to the madness. Because it has to stop For the show’s purposes, the song was just okay. Toby did get a percussion solo, and he got to beat on his bongos, as well as sing and growl his ass off. It was a better performance than last week for me, but I really don’t understand why this song was on the list in the first place.

Dave: “Great!…Killer job!”

Gilby: “That was a killer performance. Thank you for fighting for me!”

Tommy: Loved that Toby was willing to run around naked to get the song. “That’s what we want to see. By the way, nice ass!”

Ryan Star – In the Air Tonight

Call me cynical, but do the producers of the “Miami Vice” movie have anything to do with this song being used in tonight’s show? I mean, the movie is in the theaters. And anyone who hasn’t seen the movie already might be reminded by this song to see it. Or maybe I am just cynical

Ryan has strong, intense vocals, which are perfect for this song. He wore a black velvet-looking military style coat with lots of shiny buttons. He also wore an additional clunky ring for fashionable effect. Ladies and Gentlemen, the stylist for Rock Star: Supernova is beginning to make her mark. Ryan is starting to get stylish. Heaven help us.

Ryan sounded awesome, and the song choice was perfect.

Dave: “Very dramatic. Very intense. For me, the best performance of the night.” And then Dave adds that he wanted to give a special thanks to the string section, “Especially the blond one. Honey, you’re doin’ a great job!”

No. Dave. Didn’t.

Please tell me that Dave Navarro did not just “Honey” that woman on national TV. Playing violin requires a certain amount of mastery before you become part of a string section. Thanks, Dave, for letting us know which Head you’re thinking with. A class act all the way.

Jason: “I see how hard you work. Keep it up.”

Dilana – Cats in the Cradle

Want to give a quick shout out to Brooklyn’s Jen Chapin, whose Dad Harry wrote this bittersweet song. If you ever get to check out Jen Chapin, please do, because she has a soulful, raspy style that’s also funky.

So I’m still feeling a stylist’s presence, especially when Dilana comes out wearing stiletto heels and a miniskirt. She looks good, though. Her voice is totally rocking, and she even led the audience in a singalong. She even went to the string section and pretended to conduct them as well. She’s just happy onstage, and it shows.

Dave: “Ryan, I spoke too soon. This was the best performance of the night. And my dad is here tonight. If he wasn’t, after your song, I’d be a mess.

Gilby: “Loved the song. Don’t stop working so hard. Keep it up!”

Dilana: “I told you guys. I’m the one.”

Hmm, interesting admission. Dilana is embracing the fact that many people want her to win. Interesting…

Bottom Three after first five minutes of voting?

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s elimination!

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