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Rock Star: Supernova: Week 6 Eliminations

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Lord Have Mercy, Brooke Burke! I am SO going to be thinking about you when I work out at the gym tomorrow. I suppose it doesn’t matter what Ms. Thing wears. Part of her JOB, if you think about it, IS to turn us on. And hell yeah, she does that very well. Mark Burnett, I say Brooke deserves a raise, don’t you?So the tale of the videotape is that Gilby made a surprise visit to the Rocker Mansion, on a motorcyle of course, and surprised the Rockers with 10 personalized electric guitars (hidden in a room, not carried on Gilby’s bike). Oh my God, Gibson Guitars getting a plug on this show is very savvy, I have to say. I also have to say that I was coveting big time. Did you see those gorgeous babies??? To see them lined up like that, just waiting to be played, could almost make me cry. And I rarely play electric guitar!

The next part of the videotape shows the Rockers after the show celebrating a night of good performances. At the end of the night, Jill is bitching out Storm and Zayra for not choosing the song with Gilby on guitar. Zayra was very clear that you choose a song that you can connect with, regardless of who’s playing, otherwise “it’s like slitting your own neck”. Interesting comment from her, but she is dead on the money. Storm was pissed at Jill passing judgement, especially as she said that she chose the song “We Are the Champions” because she wanted to sing it, not because Gilby was attached to it.

By the way, that’s a very insightful comment. “Won’t Get Fooled Again” is a straight ahead rock song, simple, and not especially difficult to sing by anyone in a karaoke bar. “We Are The Champions” is a stunner to sing, and if you kill it, it’s because you have the vocal chops. I’d never say that Dilana couldn’t sing “We Are the Champions”, but Storm’s rendition of “We Are the Champions” took her to her another level.

Storm’s tirade continued: “Besides, Gilby KNOWS that I could front the band” Girlfriend was hot under the collar, Man, and turned it back on Jill. “Why didn’t YOU sing?”

Jill: “I already sang with him. I have nothing to prove!”

Storm goes for the jugular: “What do you mean? He spanked you for humping him!”.

Then you see Toby talking about how the girls were being catty. What can I tell you, Toby? Women like to keep it real with each other.

After watching this piece, Gilby says “playing with the band is matter of CHEMISTRY. This is an opportunity for us to see the chemistry.”

Tommy adds that Ryan is “coming out of his shell, but there are still some things on stage that make me uncomfortable.”

Ryan, the quick one, responds, “I made Tommy Lee uncomfortable with what I did onstage? That’s great!” And the crowd laughed. I bet he’s a lawyer in a parallel universe.

Then Gilby announces that all of the survivors tonight will be whisked off later that evening to go to Las Vegas in a private jet. And the Rockers went wild!!! Can you blame them?

Jason then adds that last night was one of the best nights of performances, and it was tough to name just one encore. So they decided to have two. Jason says that it was hard to choose, but “First, by a nose, Lukas!” Don’t you love how Jason is so careful not to show any kind of favoritism with Lukas? I feel like Jason really wants to teach the Rockers something. I like that a lot.

Encore: Lukas – Creed

I loved Lukas’s performance even more tonight, if you can believe that. He just sexily breathed the lyrics, and I understood every word in the song. This vulnerability thing is really working for you, Lukas. And then, his climax explodes again, and he does that herky jerk dance move that I seem to like so much.

Man, I’d hate to be a member of Supernova. The increasing quality of the Rockers’ performances is making it very difficult to choose who goes home. As Jason starts to introduce the second encore performance, he adds, “Lukas, that was very good!” before naming –

Encore: Magni – The Dolphin’s Cry

Magni sounded even better tonight, in the comfort of performing an encore. He has nothing to prove. He’s just free to wail without being judged. His family is here, and he’s probably feeling pretty blessed right about now. And he sure as hell sounded blessed tonight.

Very nice, Magni. Well done!

So we finally get to the elimination part of the show. First Brooke mentions the Rockers who appeared in the Bottom Three at some point of the night. What does that mean anyway, “at some point of the night”? One of those “points” are the first five minutes of the voting poll being open. Is that really fair? Okay I digress, the Rockers who were judged doomed at some point of the voting are:

Jill – Immediately jumped up, stamping her foot, “Not again!” She quickly composed herself, but the damage was done, I think. Her squeal had left the building.

Josh, Ryan, Patrice, and Zayra (who applauded herself) stood as they were named. Brooke asked Burke if he was surprised by any of the Rockers standing. He said not really, and that if they made it through tonight, “you’re going to have to turn it up a notch.”

Zayra’s name was called first by Brooke. Before Zayra could walk to the stage, Brooke adds that Zayra is going to Vegas, she’s safe and she can go back to the box. It was the first time that Zayra was not in the Bottom Three, and she had hugs and kisses for everyone when she returned. I’d say that Zayra has found her groove. Let’s see how the show plays out.

Final Bottom Three: 

Jill – Respect

Gilby gently reminds Jill that this is her third time in the Bottom Three, but she’s always been able to sing her way out of it. Jill anounces that she chose “Respect” because rock and roll started with rhythm and blues, and she loved singing this song.

I thought Jill sounded great. She’s still doing that cute jumping thing. She’s this little person with this big voice, but I still don’t know if she is right for Supernova, and Supernova right for her. She sounded awesome, but she didn’t take any real chances tonight. I feel like she played it safe, chose a song that she could sing in her sleep, and if she goes home, then at least her last performance was killer. Killer, maybe for her, but not for Supernova. The times she pulled herself out of the depths was when she had a little desperation. Desperation works because that is when you’ve reached the point of saying, “God please, what do I have to do to make this change?” When you reach that point, you go into your depths and pull out stuff you never knew you had.

I love the Bottom Three performances, actually. These performances, when a Rocker is concerned about going home, are the true measure of their inner character. Does the Rocker fight or wilt? Do winners fight or wilt? Alright, then.

Josh – Shooting Star

Tommy imediately admitted to feeling guilty: ” I’m starting to have a complex. I thought we killed it…But I understand. You were strapped in, locked to your guitar…”

Josh: “Well, you’re gonna hate what I say next. I’m playing guitar tonight too.”

Tommy (totally incredulous to hear that): “You ARE?”

Josh said that he wanted to do another rock song. And he proceeds to do so.

Um…excuse me…Josh, did you not hear Tommy last night when he said he wanted to see you move without a guitar? Yeah, he can sing, but I don’t feel like he’s changed. I feel like Josh is just now starting to recognize that he’s auditioning for a rock band. But for ignoring Tommy’s hint, I think Josh should get kicked off Rocker Island right now.

Self-sabotage is the worst thing. Radiohead was right:

“You do it to yourself, you do, that’s what really hurts,

you do it to yourself, it’s true, you and no one else,

You do it to yourself…”

Go out in a blaze of glory. That’s what people remember, NOT when you play it safe.

Ryan was called to the final Bottom Three, and the crowd booed. Jason says that he was surprised to see Ryan there, but he thought that people may have been confused to see Ryan go from the lush piano man dude one week to wild man in black eyeshadow the next.

Ryan – Enjoy the Silence

Ryan did his solid intense rocker thing, and I actually liked him. An audience member pulled his hand, and almost pulled Ryan in, but he steadied himself without missing one note. He has great vocal control, and I do like his singing style and energy. He’ll probably survive tonight.

Gilby begins, “As always, we never agree” and the members of Supernova laugh. “Ryan we do question your stage presence, but we do think that you deserve a second chance.” And he’s safe for another week.

Tommy goes next. “We’re bringing this to a whole other level… and tonight the hatchet falls twice tonight. Josh and Jill, you’re going home.

Jill: “I just want to thank you guys. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me a chance.”

Josh: “I kinda knew from the beginning that you were on a different vibe, but I had a good time…Does this mean that I’m not going to Vegas?!” The Rockers and the audience were surprised by his outburst. “I’m serious! Can you believe, they’re sending us – the both of us – home!”

He was cool, yet he kept it honest. I ain’t mad at that.

Josh added: “The spirit of each of you, as individuals, will be missed in the house,” and to Josh, “That attitude, that spirit – that’s undeniably cool that is!”

Jill Gioia, see you when you return to NY!

Josh Logan, I’ll be looking out for you!

Rock On!

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