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Rock Star: Supernova ~ Week 5 Eliminations

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Dana Andrews Goes Home From Rock Star: SupernovaRock Star: Supernova Elimination Round

Now that “The Hatchet Man” has done his thing, I am a little sad.Watching Dana grow as a performer has been lovely, and I’m sad to see her go. It’s also a reminder that the show is getting tighter and tighter. Everyone’s going to be bringing their A game, and the pressure is really starting to build. It’s very exciting!

Brooke started off the evening with a gorgeous green print top that I have no business describing since I can only think of the word “wow”. I wonder if she’s wearing double stick tape? Why do I wonder such things?

Anyway, Jason started the evening off by asking who wanted to do an encore. One or two hands went up, Jill was encouraging Ryan to raise his hand, and Jason scolded them that everyone

should be raising their hands “if you want to front this band”, then, of course, everyone raised their hands. Whatever.

Then Jason quickly reminded them that the band was going to make that decision anyway, and they called Ryan to the stage for an encore.

Excellent execution, Man. Well done.

For the reading of the names of anyone who had at some point been in the Bottom Three, Toby, Jill, Dana, Zayra, and Patrice had to stand. Zayra broadly smiled and said, “I knew it”, and it was the perfect attitude. I was very surprised to see Patrice up there, and she seemed surprised too, since she looked pissed. In my opinion, being in the Bottom Three can give you a stronger incentive to crush a song with the sheer desperation of the whole thing. Shoot, maybe being in the Bottom Three once or twice (or more) adds another layer of thick skin to a Rocker. Don’t mean to sound like a Mom, but challenges are in your life to make you wiser, stronger and tougher.

Earlier in the evening Dave said that he was surprised that Lukas wasn’t in the Bottom Three, that Lukas “could stand to do some standing”. Lukas agreed that he should be there after last night’s performance, but he felt confident that if that were to happen, “I know I can get myself out of it.”

Dilana doesn’t have to say or do much for me to know that she has spent much of her life in the “Bottom Three” of life. This does something on the inside of a person that the naked eye will never catch. When things come too easy, we aren’t challenged. When an obstacle presents itself, we also have the opportunity to turn it around. So give it all you’ve got, and learn from the experience.

Back to our scheduled blog: First finalist in Bottom Three – Jill is called.

Jill – Alone

Gilby calls Jill back to the front before she heads to perform. “Let’s get one thing straight,” he says, “I think you’re an amazing singer.”

That was a nice start. Even nicer when Jill mentions that she chose a Heart song. After Gilby telling her last week that Ann Wilson of Heart didn’t have to hump him because she had talent, I thought “Hmm. Finally, Jill’s got it”. And then Jill added, that she chose this song so he can hear “the lower, deeper richer, tones that you wanted to hear but haven’t yet”.

Three words: SHE KILLED IT!

Where the hell has Homegirl been hidin these tones? Oh my God, she just showed us another layer of something I can’t even describe. The members of Supernova gave her a Standing ovation. I was BOO HOOING BIG TIME!!!

Go Jill!!!

Before naming the next person in the Bottom Three, Brooke had the fun job of being the tattle tale, “I heard that some of you didn’t attend the House band rehearsal yesterday. Who was that?” Dana and Toby raised their hands. So what timing when Dana gets called.

Dana – House of the Rising Sun

This is a classic rock song, and she sounded great, but there was nothing new done here. After Jill’s great performance, Dana had a strong chance of being chosen to go home if she can’t meet that level. I thought it was a great performance for Dana, but I wasn’t sure how she stacked up against the others.

Next, Patrice is called. WHAT? This was totally weird to me. She crushed it last night, and that was WITH Tommy Lee playing. I have no idea why she’s here. Even Tommy said, “I thought we were awesome. What happened?” Times like this, you have to just chalk up to karma. Shit happens.

Patrice – Eternal Life

Yeah, she picked the song by one of my favorite all time singer/songwriters: Jeff Buckley. She even introduced him as one of the greatest of the last generation. I have to agree with her on that. I’m gonna have to pull out my CD and listen.

So she chose “Eternal Life” which only concerned me because a lot of people aren’t familiar with Jeff Buckley, and I didn’t want the audience to be bored because they couldn’t sing along. Jeff was one of those gifted souls that died the untimely death by drowning. He has more cult figure than rock god, but his followers LOVE him and his music.

But tonight’s crowd loved Patrice, and her energy and intensity were incredible. yeah!!!

After the break, Gilby announces that this week’s survivors will be receiving a new Supernova track to write to, so they can see what they do to it. This should be interesting! Then Gilby says, “Jill, you’ve made some horrible choices. Tonight you saved yourself. Go back home!” and sent her back to the Rocker box.

Then Gilby turns it over to Tommy, “The Hatchet Man” Lee. Today when he put on his brown hood, it also had red horns sewn on it. Is this going to be a new style?

“Dana, You’ve come really far, but it’s time for you to go.”

Dana was, of course, gracious: ” This has been the best adventure of my life…I have a lot of room to grow…Thank you for having me here.”

Jason quickly added that Dana really brought a great enegy to the Mansion, and she’ll be missed. “Everyone saying that you have a way to go, but You’re gonna go a long way.”

Jason also reminded everyone that Dana’s graciousness, especially since she’s the youngest, was very professional.

“We’re watching how you handle everything that’s going on around you, in this new life.”

And as Dana returned to the Rocker Box to say goodbye to her friends, who was the first person waiting with open arms to hug her? Ryan Star. He knows how to play the reality tv show game, that one.

Farewell, Dana Andrews. Rock on!

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