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Rock Star: Supernova ~ Week 4 Eliminations

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Phil Ritchie Goes Home From Rock Star: SupernovaReally and truly, I was not planning to comment again on Brooke Burke’s outfit, but Gee Whiz, her breasts looked great in that top. I’m a heterosexual woman, and I was impressed. And that is EXACTLY what I love about Brooke Burke. She effectively uses her breasts to hypnotize men so they forget how damn smart she is. I suppose I was a bit hypnotized myself. I admire that lethal dose of the feminine art of war: Brains and Beauty, Boobs and Booty! Make that money, Miz Thang!

So the show begins with last night’s post-show video, with Rockers getting in their rebuttals to the comments from Dave Navarro and Supernova (the band, not my CD). Patrice and Dave made up, which I though was nice. I like that the guys in the judge’s box are doing their best to keep the lines of communication clear. Even when one of the judge’s doesn’t “get” a particular Rocker, you get the feeling that grudges aren’t exactly allowed. That’s just interesting to me. Your mileage may vary.

Zayra and Gilby agreed to disagree. Gilby asked, “When does the pop show start, and the rock show begin?” Her answer was that she was different, and “that might be a good thing.” Good for her. And I love that she never fails to remind Gilby, “I know I love you, and you know you love me.” For a firecracker singer who has made the Bottom Three every single week since the show began, the girl has heart. And after Gilby gave his constructive criticism, she pointed at him, and said, “I’ll take that advice, and I’m going to use it.” You go, Mama!! Maybe Zayra and I got off on the wrong foot at the beginning of the show, but these days I’m rooting for everybody.

Then we saw Dana at the house, asking everybody for advice again. So of course, everyone is going to have an opinion, and now she’s mad because they won’t stop. First of all, she is the one who invited everyone’s opinion, and second, it’s not their job to be her teacher. We are born alone, and we die alone. You get on Rock Star: Supernova, you are on your own. Thirdly, to quote Dilana, “Does Supernova write a manual on how to be a rock star in two months? No.” Or fourth, Dilana again, echoing my comments two weeks ago (Dilana are you reading this too?) to Dana: ” I think you’re hearing what we say, but you’re not listening.”

Dana couldn’t take it anymore and said, “I’m done with being the student. Every day I learn something new from all of you, but I feel like I learn more when they keep their mouth shut.” People in the room were pissed, although I really think Ryan Star should keep quiet when it comes to telling anyone what to do onstage. So what, he can jump off a drum kit. I just don’t buy him for Supernova. Again that’s my opinion, and time will prove me right or wrong. Dilana looked like she felt betrayed, like her little sister just turned on her. Dana has to figure this out for herself, and Dilana seems to be swallowing a bitter pill.

And Jill and Gilby also traded comments on her choice to grind and hump him when he played guitar during her version of “Brown Sugar”. In last night’s video, she commented that he’s used to playing with guys who don’t express their sensuality that way. Gilby QUICKLY counters that he used to play with the rock band Heart, and “Ann Wilson never has to hump me” in order to prove anything. I’ve seen those moves before, like the Holiday Inn” Ouch. Jill tried to save herself by saying that “there’s nothing new under the sun in rock and roll.” Now why did she say that? My goodness, all the judges were booing, and someone even said “wrong answer!” Jill could not win this won, and the more she tried to save herself, the worse she made it. There’s some kind of famous rule about holes: “When you realize that you’re in a hole, stop digging”. Jill, stop digging!

For the encore of the night, of course it went to Storm Large. At the beginning of the evening, Tommy Lee told Storm, “A+ on the stage dive. We needed that!” about last night’s electrifying performance. For tonight’s encore of Anything Anything, her voice sounded even stronger. Without the pressure, Storm really crushed it. She did not repeat the stage dive, because most good magicians know not to repeat the same trick twice (Magni, are you reading?).

The Final Bottom Three:

Patrice Pike – My Iron Lung

I love Radiohead. Can someone tell me where I left my Bends CD?, Oh yeah, Ms. Pike killed it. She started with sunglasses, and I started to moan, and a few minutes later, she takes them off. She also does this business of putting her hood on her head, and later she takes it off. I’m not mentioning the action because it was special, but because it was different. But that’s not all she did. First she sang to the audience at the end of the stage, then she went into the stage, and up to the Rockers platform so she could sing to her friends and feel the love, hopefully not for the last time.

Seeing Patrice tonight, I have to say that she needed the kick in the ass. She took her anger and channeled it into an awesome performance. She worked her growl, as well as the stage. I hate t say it, but this is what she needed. The Rockers gave her a standing O. She ain’t going home tonight.

Zayra – Not an Addict

Her song choice, I think, was meant for the audience to feel her pain, to know what it’s like to know that she’s talented but misunderstood. I felt her pain from her emotions, but if you’re talking being the lead singer of Supernova, her accent still might be an issue. The audience started clapping on the beat (Who claps during a serious song? Wrong, I tell you), and Zayra looked for the first time like she might be fighting not to just run off the stage. I was sad. She did hold on, and she got another Standing O from the other Rockers. And why shouldn’t they be on their feet? She has entertained us every week, and we’re never bored.

Please understand, this woman is definitely a star, but she does NOT need to lead Supernova for her to get her break. Woody Allen says that 80% of success is showing up, and she’s doing just that. Zayra, know thyself! You rule, and there are plenty of people rooting for you. Be strong!

Phil – Smoking Umbrellas

The group that originally did this song, and Gilby hoped that the band’s name wasn’t an omen. Well, what do you think?

Phil is intense, but he doesn’t exactly show emotion. It’s weird to describe. Maybe you have better words, but I’ haven’t been exactly moved by him yet. He did the nice thing and visited Patrice and Zayra at the Bottom Three stage platform. He sang to Patrice who happily sang back to him. After all, she KNOWS that she ain’t going home tonight

And of course, Patrice goes back to the Rockers box and she’s safe for another week. Gilby tells Zayra, “You’re certainly original.”, and tells Phil, “That was your best performance yet, but I don’t believe that you want this.”

Cut to the chase: Tommy “The Hatchet Man” Lee puts on his red hoodie’s hood, which has devil horns. Tommy tells Phil, “Phil, we question your commitment”, and just like that, Phil Ritchie is going home. The Rockers look shocked, like they didn’t see it coming. I’m not surprised, but I’m not living in the Rocker’s mansion either. Maybe the Rockers see something that I don’t, but I see the faces of Supernova members after he performs, and today’s decision has been consistent.

Phil’s response: “Thanks for giving me this chance, and I’m sorry if it didn’t seem like I didn’t want to be in your band. It must have been a mellow day. It breaks my heart.” And that’s all he said. I felt bad for Phil Ritchie too.

Phil, your future is up to you. Take these lessons and fly.

Farewell, Phil Ritchie!

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