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Rock Star: Supernova ~ Week 2 Eliminations

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Chris Pierson was the second Rocker to be sent home.But first the other juicy bits of the evening:

Tonight’s show started with the videotape from the Mansion, after last night’s show. Lukas was reflecting on Jason’s comments about his singing. Jill was stunned – she thought Dave was harsh. We got to hear some of their thoughts and reactions of the night. Toby, bless his heart, reminded them that they were there to learn, not just win.

Dave then gave the Rockers the chance to say it in his face, so to speak. And they all wimped out, in my opinion. Well, not really wimped out. I just thought that they must have all had a lesson in media training the previous week. All of the Rockers defending what they said before made everything sound all nice and friendly again. I’m not saying that their attitudes had to be all piss and vinegar, but Geez, even Lukas was Mr. Nice Guy!

And speaking of feeling all the love in the room, Jason was quick to remind the Rockers, “This is not an animosity contest”, and that they were about positivity. You gotta love that! Tommy commented that Toby had a good head on his shoulders, towhich Toby added, “You can’t buy this kind of advice”. He’s damn right.

Gilby put the kibosh on everything by reminding the room that things will get tougher every week, because “we need one of you to front our band at the end of the year”. Think of it this way: they are interviewing to hire a talented employee/colleague. Period. If you want that gig, you have to give them what they want, even before they know what it is. Good luck!

First performance of the night was another encore. Tommy asked Toby Rand to do “Take Me Out” again. By the way, I do own this CD, so I’d have to say it was quite a testimony for me to forget what Toby was singing, although I could remember that he was hawt

Toby’s energy was a little lower than last night, but his singing was amazing! By saving the energy on his movements, he’s totally able to kill his vocals.

By the way, anytime you hear someone say “He killed it”, that means he sang the shit out of it.

Good deal, Mate!

Then, Brooke lists the names of the bottom three as of the night before, before the show ended, but before the voting was completed. So she mentions three names, and they have to wait until AFTER the commercial break to find out if their on the FINAL Bottom Three that was tabulated today. How awful that they have to wait for something that could totally change. But will there be much difference? The Preliminary Bottom Three was Jill, Chris, and Zayra, and after the tabulations, Jill was added to them.

So who had to perform?

Jill – Bring Me Back to Life

YEAH!!! Her voice sounded so good. Tommy Lee had told her earlier that she looked amazing tonight, and she did. Man, there is NOTHING like someone who is on the edge. This girl came back to life alright. Members of Supernova were even convening! Yeah, we were all feeling Jill tonight.

Jill Gioia, I believed you tonight. Rock on!

Zayra – You Really Got Me

She decided to do the same song, because she really liked it, and because it was fun and electronic, “and I know you do some of that”. Jason nodded at that. He’s so Zen these days. Hell, all the guys in supernova are sounding quite wise. Tommy, Gilby, and Jason are my ROCK GURUS!

Ahem, where was I? Oh yeah, so Zayra was “wondering what the hell happened?” when it turned out that she was in the Bottom Three again. Gilby and Zayra made up after her comment about being in diapers when their records came out. Gilby was all smiles, “It was classic”. Yeah, it was

Zayra’s on the stage, and she has a lot of heart. I like the way she uses her body. She screamed. She howled. I LOVED it!

Chris – If You Could Only See

Jason commented on Chris maturity when taking comments, which is a definite strong point that he has. Chris decided to do this song acoustically, and it was a good choice. I think he sounded great, but compared to Jills and Zayras performances tonight, he still wasn’t there.

When it was decision time: “Chris, you are the second rocker to go.”

Dave commended Chris on his humility, and said that he thought that his performance tonight was the best one he’s seen of his yet. Jason reminded him that this was still a step up, and Tommy added, “Just to be at this level, you won.” Yeah, I admit I boo-hooed at that. Hey, it was a tender moment, give me a break!

And Chris was totally smart. He mentioned a song on his solo indie EP was named Stepping Stone, and Dave’s words were a sign that he was on the right track. Hey, my new CD is named Supernova, the same as this band, and I think I’m on the right track too. The Rockers gave the gracious and humble Chris a standing ovation.

I have a feeling that Chris is going to take this education with him to the next level, and I’m interested to see what he does next. Check out his group Street Light Syndrome

Farewell, Chris Pierson!

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