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Oops, I didn’t mean it when I proposed!

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In sorta unrelated knews, I did propose to someone this week, totally forgetting about this long held belief on women proposing on leap year. Coincidentally, another friend emailed the Leap Year wikipedia entry and I remembered my proposal the day before.

I’m one of those people who enjoys public speaking, and I’m a member of Toastmasters. One of my friends, Z, gave his 10th Speech the day before Valentine’s Day. It was titled L.O.V.E., and described various way that we humans love, romantic and familial. At one point, he even gave a mock proposal to a female audience member. Got down on one knee, even.

I wasn’t able to attend this particular meeting, but I saw the video archive this week. I was so moved by his speech that I emailed him immediately, “I L.O.V.E.d your speech. Marry Me!”

He later emailed me back, “Glad you liked it. Where’s my ring?”

Um, I was only joking. But it is Leap Year after all. Does that mean I have to take him to Tiffany’s? 😉

And for those of you waiting with baited breath, the woman who gave her man a Leap Year Proposal was victorious! Her man said yes, and they appeared on the ‘Today’ show to drink champagne with Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira.

I am in no rush to get married, but I’m still a romantic!

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