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My First Video Podcast Gig on Next Big Hit is Coming!

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I recently signed with Ariel Publicity, led by the very cool Ariel Hyatt and her Cyber PR Team. In addition to obtaining reviews for my CD Supernova, she’s also getting me ads in internet radio, and podcasts! I’d be excited about that anyway, but now she’s booked me to perform on the Next Big Hit video podcast.

The video podcast show is called Dressed Up and Stripped Down, in which viewers will get to listen to “dressed up” studio tracks from Supernova, and then see me perform the songs “stripped down”. I love to perform, so I’m quite psyched about this gig. And this podcast gets up to 40,000 listeners via iTunes, so I’m ecstatic!

I’ll be videotaping next month, and I’ll keep you posted!

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