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CLH Podcast Interview on “Unsigned Underground” with Darryl Gregory

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My recent “Twitter for Musicians” workshop attracted the attention of musician and producer Darryl Gregory, who also just happens to have his own podcast show, Unsigned Underground. Darryl was so happy with the class that he invited me to appear on his podcast earlier this month. How cool is that?!

Darryl’s podcast blog is quite complimentary too! He writes:

“I met Carla at a workshop she gave entitled Twitter for Musicians where she showed the best way for musicians to use the new social media. So I know her first as a media expert and an entrepreneur. But again she’s more than that – Carla has a book “The DIY Guide to the Music Biz” Carla has a blog ”Rock Star Life” Carla is a syndicated columnist oh yeah and Carla can sing.”

Wow! Listen to my
Underground Unsigned podcast interview with Darryl Gregory.

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  1. driver73 Says:

    Good, I thought, we can use some Sunshine on a Sunday.

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