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I’ve Been EVICTED!!!

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I suppose it sounds more dramatic than it is, but right before September 30th (the last time anyone saw me around these parts), my landlord and family were evicted from their rental due to construction. Due to the terms of my (non-existent) lease, I knew I’d get the boot eventually, and I did. He said that he had about 2-3 months before the sheriff removed them from their place, so he wanted me to start looking for a new place asap. After thinking about it for half a day, I decided to finally move in with G, my sweetie for November 4th. I figure I’ve waited long enough to get my life in gear, so I’m not wasting any more time, you know?? 

For over two years, I’ve been paying crazy rent since my landlord bought the building and jacked up the rent by $500. I loved my place too much to move, so I figured I’d just work it out. I did, but at a high personal price. So my apartment is awesome, but I couldn’t afford to have a CD release party the way I liked, and I kept putting it off. Now that I feel ready to move in with G, my expenses go down by half, so you know what that means? Supernova promotion will go into turbo mode. Yeah!!!!

So this past month has been out of control while I’ve:

– Boought shelves at Ikea
– Started taking a 5 week typing class
– Began painting G’s place (it’s going to be gorgeous!!!)
– Packed like a fiend
– Enrolled in a college program to finish my last 14 credits
– Performed at a bank analyst graduation
– Performed at BB King’s in NYC, opening for Spin Doctors’ Chris Barron
– Had a major tooth infection, swelling and all
– Performed at Chicago’s House of Blues this past Monday
– Caught a cold

Yeah, I guess that’s it. So if anyone has wondered where I’ve been, that would be my answer 😉 Since I’m behind in my blogging, I’ll post show postmortems separately to keep everyone updated on how the individual shows went. I’m actually typing from my typing class now. Those of you who were here for my Rock Star: Supernova blogs heard me complain about my typing skills, so now I’ve gone out and done something about it, so there!

I will say this, taking care of your health is important when you’re under stress. Not getting enough sleep leaves your body open to colds and infections. Granted, this month was busier than my usual, and four hours of sleep became the norm, but that is no way to live on the regular! G and I took a weekend off to see the changing leaves and go apple picking, but the most we were to do once we got upstate was go to a mall, get a haircut (him), a pedicure (me), have dinner at an Applebee’s, and fall asleep by 10:30pm. The temperature had dropped so I felt too cold to pick apples in the orchard. Instead we picked some lovely Cortland apples from the orchard’s market 😉 That was my “City Girl does the Suburbs” weekend, but man, it was GLORIOUS to get a decent night’s sleep!!!

By the way, I have to give a HUGE shout out to the fans and friends buying my MP3s this month. This is my first day blogging this month, yet the MP3s have been selling without me. How did that happen???? And if anyone out there can answer this question, there was a day last month when 19 people bought my “Pulling Me Back” MP3. WHY???? I’m not complaining. I’m just mystified, and very grateful. Thank you, thank thank you!!!!

So my teacher is packing up to go. As soon as possible, I’ll write more!

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