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Rock Star: Supernova ~~ FINALE

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So it’s Finale Night at Rock Star: Supernova, and by the rocket’s red glare, Brooke Burke looks good in a leather dress. I’m gonna miss those outfits.

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I’ll start with the official Bottom Two:

 Magni – Fire

 Hot and Sexy, that Magni! This was the perfect song for him, and yeah, I’d do him, but I still think he’s going home.

 Toby – White Wedding

Eager to start, Toby started right away. He had the crowd singing along, and at the end of the song, he jumped into the audience. Toby seems to be thiking again, I’m missing the “EVS”. But this is the finale, after all, How can anyone not think? But I don’t think he’ll take home the crown tonight.

Gilby explains that he’s not sure if Magni wants to be in the House Band, of if he wants to front Supernova. “Magni, you’re the next to go.”

 Magni: “Thank you to anyone who ever voted for me. Thanks to the House Band. Thanks to you guys [Supernova], and most of all of you [pointing to the Rockers]! And just like that, Magni was sent home.

Jason: “He’s off to become the King of Iceland, Dude!”

Farewell, Magni. You ARE a Rock Star, through and through.

 So the Final Three:


We were shown a video retrospective of each of their greatest moments on Rock Star: Supernova. So very cool! Each of the three Final Rockers also said last minute beautiful sentiments to Supernova to show why he or she should be chosen. After that, Tommy Lee then says that Supernova needs to see the finalists perform one last time, so we go to commercial.

Call me cynical, but the commerical shown is the  new promo for Survivor: Cook Islands (you know the one that everyone is talking about because the teams are being divided by RACE – this will be an interesting experiment, and no I won’t be blogging about it!) guess what song was used as the musical bed? HEADSPIN by Lukas Rossi, while also featuring clips of Lukas performing spliced with the Survivor promo video. Tell me that ain’t something!

 So we come back to the show, and see the Final three perform one last time. This time they’ve chosen their favorite song from the season:

Lukas Rossi – Bittersweet Symphony

 The Boy is HOT!!!

Dilana – Zombie

Glad she can make it around the stage again. She rocked and rolled, and sang her ass off.

Toby – Somebody Told Me

Saw poster for “Toby’s Aussie Posse” – adorable! Toby looked and sounded incredible. Great energy and power, Mate!

Jason speaks next: “Toby, you have the range that cuts through the guitars. You’re the next one to go home.”

Dave: “You already have a hit with your original”.

Toby: ” Thank you. It took me a while to get great. These guys were already that way. [To Supernova] You boys, it’s been a privilege to hang out.”

Farewell, Sexy Toby Rand!

Looking at Dilana and Lukas, Dave is ready: So it’s down to the edgy ones? Down to these two? Oh my God! It looks like you’re about to perform a Goth wedding. Probably not a bad idea…”

Gilby: “It’s been a tough summer”, he starts, and THEN proceeds to ask for a commercial break.

Argh!!!! I hate when they make us wait. those of you sneaking this column in later time zones should really feel the suspense in real time – just once. It SUCKS, I tell ya!

When we come back, Tommy Lee says sweet stuff about loving them both, yadda, yadda, yadda, but ended with,

 “Lukas, you’re our boy. Welcome!”

Amidst the applause I think there was a little shock registering, but immediately you remember how Lukas has been under the radar much of the show, keeping his head down. He’s got the vocal chops. He’s got style, and can switch it up.

But there was still a piece of business yet to be done.

Dave: “Dilana, I absolutely adore you. You’re a phenomenal singer.”

Gilby quickly stood up to offer to co-write and produce her solo record, being very clear that she was the ONLY Rocker to get that offer. Me being cynical again, he’d be DUMB if he DIDN’T make that offer. Dilana is a HOT PROPERTY, and by claiming her solo record, Gilby will stand to gain even more studio cred. I think Gilby is the mastermind of Supernova, and I’d invite him to a pajama party anytime!

Enough of all that, Dilana’s face was not happy. Dave offered to play guitar on this record, “if you’ll have me,” he says drippingly. Man, if Carmen Electra is watching Dave Navarro moon over Dilana like this, the divine “CE” is probably cutting up old photos with his picture in them. Next, Dave offers Dilana the lead gig of the House Band on the tour. Dilana smiles and all, but her disappointment silently bled through my tv screen. She did end on a positive note: “I’m gonna kick ass!” And later Dilana told Lukas, “Lukas, kick ass, Bitch!”

And Dilana now rides off into the sunset (for now). Love you, Mama! Your time is coming!

After Supernova hugged Lukas, the new Supernova, fronted by Lukas Rossi, did the Supernova originals (their band, not my CD) “Be Yourself” and  “It’s All Love”. Lukas even had Magni come out on guitar.  Lukas’s tone was awesome, and he looks great.

Welcome to Supernova, Lukas Rossi! See you at the top!

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